• Let the people decide

    James Hahn might not have been the greatest mayor ever in Los Angeles but it's certain he wasn't the worst either. He made some mistakes like every other politician but he's had time to grow from them. If the people of Los Angeles decide they want him back in office then they will vote him in. It's up to them if he should be re-elected or not.

  • Yes, he should

    I do think that James Hahn should be re elected as the Mayor of Los Angeles. The reason is because of the policies he has tried to pass and the legislation passed under him. For example, the minimum wage was raised. And, on top of that, crime plummeted under his watch

  • La is fine without James Hahn

    James Hahn may have disappeared from the main stage, but he is far from being inactive. Being a judge has its own challenges. He is doing well in that position, and hasn't been the mayor of L.A. for many years. During his tenure as mayor he dealt with more than most governors and congressman might.

  • His time has passed.

    Although I think that James Hahn did wonders for Los Angeles, his time has passed. He did set precedents for the Mayor's office, including a tough on crime policy and major help for the homeless. Mayors following him have continued those policies. I would not support his re-election as Mayor.

  • I don't think a comeback tour is in order

    I don't see any need to reprise the events of a decade ago, Hahn lost the trust of the African American community, and was unable to fulfill his promises regarding police staffing levels, he's been out of office for almost a decade. LA needs a new vision for the future, not a step back to the past.

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