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  • No, James Harden shouldn't be afraid of Lil B.

    James Harden shouldn't be afraid of the threats made by Lil B because they are both celebrities. People like to bad mouth each other online but they very rarely ever do anything they threaten online in real life. The whole situation seems ridiculous given that Lil B is upset that Hardin didn't give him credit for a dance move.

  • Lil B Conjuring Curse on James Harden? Mystical? or Malarkie?

    James Harden shouldnt be worried about the so called "curse" conjured up by Lil B. If one was a superstisious type they might believe in such curses. But in my personal opinion a lucky shot is a lucky shot. Should James Harden be afraid of the threats made by Lil B?

  • No, James Harden should not be afraid of Lil B.

    James Hardin should not be afraid of Lil B because it appears that Lil B made threats via Twitter and attempted to "curse" James Hardin. This type of behavior is almost laughable. The way that "celebrities" treat each other via social media is reprehensible. It is bullying. Children, teens, and fans see and note this type of behavior. What superior role models. However, back to the threats. It seems that this is not the first time Lil B has behaved in this way, so I am sure it is not the last. Therefore, it seems it is just words with little to no action.

  • James Harden Should Not Be Afraid

    James Harden has nothing to worry about. How many of us had even heard of Lil B before now, and Harden just made him famous! These threats are just a way for Lil B to keep the publicity going. Let's all do the cooking dance and forget about these threats.

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