Should James Holmes be allowed to plea not guilty by reason of insanity?

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  • There is no reason why people like this should be protected from the full arm of the law.

    It sickens me that an individual like this who is clearly guilty of murder has the right to plea "insanity" to avoid the full prosecution of the law. It is not only sickening that we are offering protection from justice to individuals who are mentally incompetent in the first place; but if anything, a criminal who can be certified as "insane" is nothing more than a burden on society, and there is no reason why they should be granted immunity for being "insane."

    The issue of "they know not what they do" should not even be seen under the eyes of the law when the crime has clearly been committed by the said individual, and when it is a murder or mass murder as with Holmes' case, there is NO REASON why the criminal should be protected for their mental inferiority.

    However this case turns out, I hope that a prison guard or police officer draws his service weapon and shoots Holmes in the back of the head as soon as the final verdict passes through. It will no doubt be guilty, but Holmes will get to sit for at least 12 years consuming OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS before he is killed, if that is even the case. At 25, he will be spending the rest of his life in prison (possibly even 75 years) if he is not given the death penalty. It will be expensive to nourish this freak, and it is an expense that we should not be paying.

  • Guilty, Guilty, Guilty

    A person who is insane does not have time to plot. They just commit the crime on the spur of the moment. Anytime a person takes careful planning and then carried out the crime in the manner in which it was planned, needs to feel the highest weight of the law.

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Quan says2013-06-04T19:31:33.853
Anyone who does something like he did is obviously insane. Insanity should be no defense.