Should James Holmes be sentenced to the death penalty?

  • Hatefull not psychotic

    All hate and self disgust. Even crazy ppl know theyre doing something illegal. Its just the law of man, not the law of the universe. Im against death because prison makes ppl like him kill themselves anyway. And because of the many people killed and his thoughtlessness and pride. I still dont understand why he targeted that theatre at that time.

  • Yes for death penalty

    James Holmes does not deserve to live after he decided to take the lives of all those innocent people. Frankly, it makes me sick to think he is trying to use the "crazy" card. I believe anyone who can take a human life without regard has serious issues. There for he is no different than the thousands of other murders in the prison system. He doesn't deserve to use up our tax dollars! Yes for the death penalty!!!

  • Normally I would be against the death penalty

    But I have no respect for people of his psyche. I realize that forgiveness could only be offered to someone who actually feels bad for what they did and not just the consequences of it. There is no place in the world for sociopaths like him. People of his kind need to understand the consequences for their actions with fear.

  • Mental Insanity is no excuse.

    James Earl Holmes slaughtered 12 people and claims mental insanity- something that can't be connected. The man prepped for this event with buying loads of ammo and even signing up for a gun club. From the way he said that he was 'the Joker,' it's almost like Holmes viewed this as a sick prank. There is nothing good about murder- take a look at the recent Boston bombing or last years Sandy Hook massacre. I'm not in favor of the death sentence but Holmes is a total exception.

  • Yes, without a doubt.

    The fact that James Holmes is so mentally disturbed that he would commit such a gruesome act of violence is reason for him to no longer inhabit this planet. I believe that he is a danger to our society and he should also receive the ultimate punishment for the innocent lives that he took.

  • Yes he should

    This guys has proved that he is mentally insane beyond saving and there is absolutely no reason why he should live at the expense of the tax payer dollar that could be used for better things. By slaughtering those 12 and injuring many more, this guy has completely lost the right to live in a civilized society

  • This case warrants it

    I am largely against the death penalty, but I do feel it is needed for the worst of the worst, which Holmes certainly falls under. He wants to live, he's trying to bargain to get out of it. Guess what, maybe you shouldn't have shot up a bunch of innocents then. Tough luck, he deserves to die.

  • Of course not.

    The fact that we are even considering putting to death a mentally ill individual is a sign of how rotten our society and official institutions have become. This is the height of barbarity. All four of the testifying doctors have said that if it wasn't for his mental illness, he would not have committed the crimes. In other words, to put him to death would be to put to death someone who became sick through no fault of his own, and had he not been sick he would have continued to live the positive life he had been living.

  • James Holmes is mentally ill.

    He should not be facing the death penalty because he was psychotic at the time of the crime and thus not fully culpable for his actions. And yes, all that detailed planning was the lead up to a psychotic break. Mental illness doesn't mean that a person can't plan like Holmes did.

  • No, he should not.

    I do not support the death penalty in any situations. I feel as though deciding who deserves to live and who does not we are trying to play a higher role in this life that we are not meant for. When we sentenced specific people to death, that also makes us no better than the person we are saying no longer has a right to live.

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