• Jamie Foxx should be given some reward for his acts

    I think the media has already named Jamie Foxx a hero, and it is deserved in my opinion. Helping people in fatal danger putting themselves at risk is a great feat and shows empathy and the well-being for our fellow men. Jamie Foxx deserves that label and I'm sure it will stay in our memories for a long time.

  • Yes, Foxx risked his life to help someone in need

    Yes, Jamie Foxx should be named a hero. The actor did not have to rescue the man, but could have waited for 911 first responders to arrive. Foxx realized that waiting for help could lead to the man's death, so he risked his own life to save him. Foxx displayed acts of bravery and is deserving to be called a hero.

  • Jamie Foxx was brave.

    Jamie Foxx should be named a hero because he did not hesitate for one second before running to a buring car and pulling the man out. He did something not all of us would have the courage to do. He risked his own life to save the life of a stranger.

  • Jamie Foxx is officially a true hero

    Jamie Foxx became a hero recently when he saved a man's life, who crashed his car and became trapped. He jumped into action and pulled the stranger out of the vehicle, thus, saving his life. Jamie should be proud of himself. None of us really know how we will behave in the midst of a crisis, but he now knows that when tested he will instinctively step up to do the right thing.

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