Should Jammu and Kashmir be a part of Pakistan (yes) or India (no)?

  • Lame reasons from you

    Everyone knows Kashmir was supposed to be a part of pakistan and Indians know the reason behind it cuz of the Muslim population is 75%... Our Pakistan was made on the basis of religious and cultural differences, so Same rule should be applied on Kashmir too its culture is similar to Pakistan plus it's majority of Muslims...Indians are afraid to hold a plebiscite. UN is also suggesting a plebiscite but the cruel Indians are not ready for it... They are forcefully occupying Kashmir 😤😡 laws and regulations should be same for all of us it's rightfully ours no one can take it away from us. INDIANS know it clearly that it belongs to us so plzzz stop giving lame reasons that have no sense at all😒it was our and it will be.. The struggle of Kashmir May seem to long.... U people will kill the innocent Muslims against the humans rights... Blood shed will continue,Indians will never feel the pain what u see is that that u r killing them but u will never feel their pain 😥😥 You people never think what will happen if we kill your Indians like that.. U never ever feel it.YOU PEOPLE ARE HEARTLESS CREATURES!!! KILLING US WILL NEVER GIVE YOU PEOPLE KASHMIR

  • Kashmir Is Our

    Because if Kashmir belongs to India why they kill the hundreds of innocent peoples? And I have answer to this question is to that they forcefully occupy the land and not giving the rights to them. They occupy because they are against the humanity and against the laws of worlds

  • It is a fundamental right Kashmirs to be free

    It is Muslim Majority Area, the matter of separation was on the basis of Muslim Majority area, the dispute on separation exist since partition, means the people of Kashmir were not ready to be with India. It is a fundamental right of inhabitants of Kashmir to join any side Pakistan of India or want to be separate, but India cannot force them to live with India

  • Indians are terrorists

    Did you see what Indians are doing to people on Kashmir
    They get bombed shelled shot and poison gassed at all the time
    All they can do is throw rocks
    Also the British were separating parts into India and Pakistan 🇵🇰 by the majority of people living in each region, JandK have a Muslim majority which is why they belong in Pakistan because Pakistan is an Islamic rebublic

  • Yes Kashmir is a part of Pakistan

    Pakistan and India were created due to religious differences. Areas primarily muslim would go to the Dominion of Pakistan, and other areas would all go the union of India. Kashmir (Or Cashmere) was 90% Muslim, as such, all of Kashmir rightfully belongs to Pakistan. There are also everyday riots in Indian occupied Kashmir..... Hm, I wonder why?

  • It should be the Part of Pakistan.

    Kashmir should be the part of Pakistan because most of its population is Muslim.If seen from the view of plebiscite,what i think is it wants to be independent.In olden times,when Kashmir was really poor,they joined PAKISTAN army,because they could get free food and still they join Pakistan's army not Indians because they are meant to.Nothing can change the reality or nothing can change the history which is and always will be in the favor of Pakistan regarding Kashmir issue.What Kashmir have of its own is only beauty,noting else! From the grain of rice till the tons of oil ,each and everything is provided by Pakistan.Please,give some logical reasons.And if seen the economy of Kashmir,Pakistan has faced and is also facing many difficulties because of economy because everything gets out of budget because we are helping Kashmir too and its expenses are the reasons we might need to take some foreign aids.Come on if you want to have it(impossible crap),help it,facilitate it just not use it. If deeply thought,Kashmir is up here just because of the efforts of Pakistan.According to its current situation,it is in very fragile state.Who is helping it ?PAKISTAN! And PAKISTAN ARMY! India? Its just bombing.Justify your illogical logics Indians!!

  • Kashmir is 90% Muslim

    Pakistan and India were created due to religious differences. Areas primarily muslim would go to the Dominion of Pakistan, and other areas would all go the union of India. Kashmir (Or Cashmere) was 90% Muslim, as such, all of Kashmir rightfully belongs to Pakistan. There are also everyday riots in Indian occupied Kashmir..... Hm, I wonder why?

  • No, the land rightfully belongs to India, because they have controlled it the longest.

    No, Jammu and Kashmir should be part of India, because the land is currently under Indian control. Because India administers the land, Pakistan and China cannot simply claim the land because they want it. In addition to India's long-held claim to the region, between the three countries, India has the best economy and the most-stable military. If any of those three countries can handle more land, it's India.

  • Kashmir is India's

    Kashmir has been under India's protection for many many years. It was originally India's. The Kashmir leader had gone to the Indian government for protection. However, Pakistan didn't see that as a legal document. Pakistan had attacked Kashmir first in hopes of making it there territory. Pakistan didn't consider the people when they attacked Kashmir.

  • Hindustan Jindabad Hai

    Hindustan Jindabad Kashmir is integral part of India. Aksai Chin and Pakistan occupied Kashmir is be also a part of India. Kashmir hamara hai. Dudh mangoge to kheer denge Kashmir mangoge to Cheer denge. Jammu Kashmir crown of India. Hindustan Jindabad.
    Kashmir is of India and forever India only. Jai Hind

  • Look at History

    Looking at history will show that Kashmir belongs to India. Ever since Islam came into existance, They invaded many territories including Kashmir and killed many hindu pandits, Claiming the land to be theirs when the major population first belonged to India. If Pakistan wants Kashmir, Then it should first help itself and not be irrational and take over more than they can take. They must first solve the prpblems within their own country *cough*freedom*cough* Excuse me. Thank you for reading. Jai hind

  • Pakistani terrorist can never take kashmir.

    Both countries have half of Kashmir. As a human I would want kashmir to be independent. Because of su much suffering. But pakistan won't let kashmir to stay independent. Because it's a aggressive terrorist country. And China will interfere too. So no. Pakistan is not getting an inch of jammu and kashmir,INDIA

  • Instrument of Accession

    This simple document handed control of Kashmir and Jammu over to India, and the latter accepted the chance and even before that, the rulers had the choice of which nation to join and even without this document the ruler decided to join India, so the people who disagree should get refunded for any land they own and just leave.

  • Jammu and Kashmir should be a part of India

    Currently, India is faring off better than Pakistan, considering its grand size. Also, Kashmir's last maharaja Hari Singh, when forced to choose, chose to go with India, not Pakistan. Not only this but, those people on the other side of the debate who are accusing the Indians of terrorism should look back at Pakistan first. Pakistan is a country that supports a majority of the terrorism going on in this world.

  • We can't let terrorist countries like Pakistan take land that doesn't belong to them.

    Until Pakistan became a key ally in the War on Terrorism, the US Secretary of State included Pakistan on the 1993 list of countries which repeatedly provide support for acts of international terrorism. India has been protecting Kashmir from Pakistani aggression for almost 60 years. These terrorist don't even deserve the land THEY have, THEY don't even deserve Pakistan (which is itself a part of India robbed from India). Thank You and JAI HIND!

  • Kashmir is part of India

    Independence day in 1947 has finished. Still Kashmir is with India. Kashmir people is becoming educated by Indian education. Indian people do not believe in religion, because they believe in secularism. Because a religion will not feed a person, will not educate a person. India always helping in nature. The people of world has seen, how Indian army has helped the people of Kashmir during flood. Within 100 years, Kashmir will be a great place in the world due to Indian Tourism and people of Kashmir will leave in peace economically and socially. Because if we compare India and Pakistan, India is going in path of progress drastically than Pakistan obeying the secularism.

  • Because it is

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