Should Japan remove limitations on its military: Has Japan "paid her dues" on the Second World War?

  • Japan has paid its dues on the second world war.

    Japan has paid its dues on the second world war. It has been way more than 50 years since it happened, so Japan has been waiting long enough for the time that it is appropriate to take limitations off its military. It has paid its dues multiple times over, so they should begin to ease military limits.

  • Japan is not a threat

    If you were to list the three, five, ten, twenty, or even fifty most dangerous nations in the world on a list, not a single person would put Japan on the list. The nation has undergone a profound and complete change from the war-mongering nation that attacked Pearl Harbor.

    Japan has one of the most important economies in the world and has proven to be a good global citizen. The restrictions placed on their military are no longer necessary and interferes with Japan's ability to defend themselves against aggression. It is time to end them.

  • Japan's president is now trying to remake its old mistakes while not even making an apology to china and the us

    Many countries, such as the US or China are ending relationships with Japan because of its recent activities that have citizens in countries such as Korea boycotting trade and partnership with Japan. Japan has totally not paid its dues because it hasn't even made an apology to China. It also hasn't changed its old ways. However, it is still mainly because of Japan's religion that urged them to attack China.

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