Should Japan remove limitations on its military: Is Japan overly dependent on other countries?

  • Japan should have an offensive military

    Now, people say Japan needs to be monitored because it was a threat in the past. Well guess what? Its because Japan was a threat in the past that it knows the pain to get defeated, it knows the pain to see its citizens die, and it knows how painful war in general is. Thats why I believe that Japan is actually least likely to become a threat now than the United States.
    Besides, the days of praising the emperor and screaming "Banzai!" Are over. Japan is allied with the U.S and it has no intentions in ever breaking the alliance.

  • Other countries need to step up and provide for their own defense

    The days of Hirohito and the Japanese wanting to conquer the world are past us. Japan is a modern democracy. It would be better if Japan had a larger military so it could contribute in cases when international conflict breaks out. The United States should NOT bear all of the burdens over every single issue.

    Letting Japan have a bigger military could also help put more pressure on N. Korea.

  • Japan should be allowed to be sovereign

    The Japanese should be allowed to have total control over their armed forces again, not just for the issues of sovereignty, but also it would be quite strategic for the United States, as a strong Japanese military would be a good counterweight to both North Korea and China. This seems to be the only sensible option.

  • No, Japan needs to be monitored.

    No, Japan is not overly dependent on other countries, and the limitations on its military are important, because Japan has been a threat in the past. It is important to monitor Japan and their military, because World War II caused a lot of deaths. Japan cannot be trusted to build up its arms again. Monitoring is keeping the peace.

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