Should Japanese American internment camps during World War II have been made harsher than they were?

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  • They were justifiable. But they don't need to be harsh.

    The American people were frightened. They worried that an ordinary Jap living in the neighborhood might actually by a spy for Japan. They were put in internment camps as opposed to concentration camps because the Americans did not want to harm them; they just wanted to prevent them from sharing info with Japan or hurting anybody. By the way, American exchange students in Japan were put work camps.

  • If it was really necessary they could've made them nice

    It wasn't necessary. The camps were the product of racism and paranoia. But if it was necessary then since it isn't for the purpose of punishment, since it's supposed to be "just in case" and even the people who advocated for camps would've admitted that most people in the camps were innocent then they should've made it nice. They should've made it like staying at a 5 star resort to compensate them for it.

  • No, Japanese American Internment Camps Were Racist

    Japanese American Internment Camps during World War II should not have existed at all, let alone been made harsher. These Internment camps served no real purpose other than to highlight the racism present in the United States. Japanese Americans are Americans, taking away their basic rights because of a war with Japan is illogical and damaging. There are many personal narratives that have been written about the harm done through these internment camps.

  • No, the camps should have been less harsh

    The Americans confined in the internment camps of World War
    II lost everything. They left behind their homes, their businesses, their
    friends and most of their possessions. Most internees lived in primitive
    conditions, in wilderness locations. It is understandable that America
    would lock away potential traitors, but why pick on one group? Racism
    created the camps, and they were far harsher than they needed to be.

  • Not at all

    There were a lot of ugly practices in World War II, this obviously was not at the top of the list but they were certainly on it. What purpose would making them harsher have served, how would that have made them "better"? Internment camps were a disgrace and making them more cruel for the sake of making them more cruel wouldn't change that.

  • They were too harsh.

    No, the Japanese American internment camps during World War II should not have been made harsher than they were, because they were unnecessary the way it was. There was no way that the Japanese people in the United States could have posed any real threat to the interests of the Americans. They did not need to be interred.

  • They did not do anything

    Most of the Japanese Americans that were living in the states were actually Americans, and did not have any hatred against us. It was the actual country of Japan that bombed us, so the Japanese living here should not have recieved overly harsh treatment, since they were mostly innocent people.

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