Should Japanese Americans have been released from internment camps during World War II if they swore a loyalty oath?

  • I hatte them

    SCREW THE AMERICANS IN THAT TIME THEY WERE DUMB. Just kidding it was just wrong Lance did this this this this thisb this shits sthsithesthistisesn this hsi this this this thsi thist poo popopo poopo popoo popopo opopopopopop poopo pooo pooo pooo ppooo ppooo pooo po oop ooop pooo pooo

  • They were Americans

    Yes, I feel like Japanese Americans should have been set free from internment camps if they swore an oath to stay loyal to the United States, and had been born and raised in this country with no major ties to Japan. Most of the people in these camps were loyal.

  • It was wrong to imprison them in the first place.

    Japanese Americans should have never been in those internment camps in the first place. Asking them to swear a loyalty oath would have been truly and deeply offensive to them, as they were already loyal Americans. However, I do think that the loyalty oath should have been offered to minimize human suffering.

  • Shouldn't have been there

    The Japanese internment should never have happened to begin with, and they should have been let out to begin with, especially if they had signed a loyalty oath. The Japanese had often been there for generations, and so many of the American-born children of the time carry the scars today.

  • Japanese Americans are bad people they wanted to fire at oil tanks

    I am glad that they were in internment camps because they should learn why they were in there and for they dont do that again, but they wanted to fire oil tanks for sabotage. They always wanted to sabotage. Sabotage was so wrong but they all basically like to do thing wrong

  • No, they should have been released without one

    Japanese Americans should have needed no loyalty oath to be released.
    German Americans faced harassment, and so did Italian Americans at
    times, but neither group ever saw the inside of an internment camp. Japanese
    Americans should have been released, with apologies, as soon as the hysteria
    occasioned by the attack on Pearl Harbor died down. Unfortunately, no one
    thinks clearly in wartime. The apologies come later, if they come.

  • Japanese Americans Shouldn't Have Been Rounded Up in the First Place

    Japanese Americans shouldn't have been rounded up in camps at the outset of World War II in the first place. Holding someone based upon his or her heritage is just wrong and is against the civil rights of American citizens. Even after 9/11, Arab Americans were questioned and there was a possibility they would be rounded up and put in camps as well. No one should have gone to those camps in the first place in 1942.

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