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  • Whale are awesome

    They are awesome creature that earn the right to live. They have a great evolution. They are the king of the sea. Also master of the sea. If this continues, who would know what happens next. It will effect the food web. Oh wait, it do shark would over populate and the the sea would run out of food driving ever sea creature extinct.

  • Whales are an endangered species

    I reckon that they should stop hunting whales, because there is not a lot whales in our world nowadays and if we do not want to kill all the whales in the world we should care about these animals.They are at risk of extinction so it should be stopped to prevent them from dying completely.

  • It seems wrong

    It seems very wrong and inhumane to hold this annual whale hunt. I know that people go hunting all the time and have hunting traditions and competitions, but whales are a vital part of the ecosystem and it hunt them so aggressively does not seem like a good plan going forward.

  • Yes, it's a disgrace to a civilised country.

    That, in the twenty-first century, one of the most advanced countries on our planet should engage in something like the annual whale hunt is a disgrace. Whale hunts belong in the history books as an example of our unfortunately barbaric past, not in the present day where we should all know far better.

  • Yes, it should be stopped.

    The Japanese whale hunt should be stopped on the grounds that many whales and dolphins involved in these hunts are endangered or quickly becoming so. There is also a moral issue in hunting animals that are widely known to have higher levels of intelligence. Much like primates and dogs, whales should be seen as animals that have a mental ability that precludes them from being used simply as a meat product.

  • Yes, Japan's annual whale hunt should be stopped.

    With the worlds whale population in a steady decline over the last several decades, due to polluted water and commercial fishing, there is no reason for them to continue to kill whales. The Japanese continue to say that they kill whales for research purposes, but in toady's world do we not have the technology to study whales without causing them harm?

  • Whale are used for more than meat

    Whales can be used for a wide range of things such as transmission fluid, candles, margarine, jewelry, toys and tools and the fact that they are being hunted isn't actually that bad but you all just see it as a slaughter on one of the oceans beautiful animals but it has its uses and they can survive we "know" that their numbers are decreasing but it's a lie when japan isn't hunting them their numbers bounce back

  • Meat is meat.

    If america can kill millions of pigs and cows and chickens after keeping them in horrible factory farms their whole life, Japan (and other whaling nations) certainly have the right to take a few hundred non-endangered whales from a clean, free, natural ocean. Any harpoon is more humane than the lives we put most livestock through.

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