• His heart is with the team.

    For all professional players, talent and skill are a constant. What wins teams games are the team spirit and passion in individuals. Though most professional players are arguably in it for the money, Jay already has a financial security play or not. He openly declares his will to play for the team and desires a good game than the security of money which guarantees fans better performance and sportsmanship and the team better delivery.

  • No, Jay Cutler should not stay with the Bears.

    In a world of constant media scrutiny, one could argue that all the obsession over player performance has decreased fans' patience with their athletes. Often times, coaches or players are traded or fired at the drop of the hat. But in the case of Jay Cutler, calls for his removal seem justified. He has not even come close to living up to his huge contract.

  • No, Jay Cutler should not stay with the Bears.

    Jay Cutler is a starting quarterback on most teams in the NFL and the descision to bench him should have him thinking about other options. After 5 years with a team that has struggled with coaches and injuries, if I were him, I would be looking for some warmer weather to ply his trade.

  • No he shouldn't

    It seems to me like he has been nominated as the scape-goat for them, and I wouldn't stay if I was treated so unfairly. Maybe he should leave and take some time to self reflect or something. He does have his flaws, and he hasn't been the most agreeable teammate but I still don't think he should stick around for the treatment he has been receiving.

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