• There is no reason that Jay-Z and Beyonce should not have traveled to Cuba.

    While the U.S. does have travel restrictions in place for tourist travel to the island of Cuba, trips for the approved purposes, such as academic, medical, journalism and cultural exchanges, are allowed. The trip that entertainers Beyonce and Jay-Z made to Cuba was approved by the U.S. government as a "cultural exchange" event.

  • It is ok when it is China

    The US owes a Communist nation China Billions of dollars and allows its citizens to travel and spend money their. The same people and politicians that say its not ok to go to Cuba will say that going to China is different because they are an economic ally. But like Cuba, China has an oppressive government that regulates everything from free speech to how many children you can have. So when I look at Jay Z and Beyonce going on vacation in Cuba I say why not? They traveled to a communist nation that is no real threat to US freedom. Why not ban China and all communist nations if that is the standard that has been set...Oh wait we live in the nation of contradiction

  • Yes, they should.

    If Jay-Z and Beyonce want to travel to Cuba, then by all means, they should travel to Cuba. Just because they are entertainers does not mean they do not deserve a good vacation spot. Many people actually really love Cuba and have a wonderful time there, so it sounds like a good idea.

  • Yes, because Cuba is a wonderful place despite its government

    The current embargo against Cuba is based on an antiquated conflict stemming back from the Cold War, and going back even all the way to American imperialism. The old policies made against the Castro regime are not nearly relevant today as they were when they were implemented. Tourism, especially of celebrities, shows Americans that Cubans are people just like us and shows Cubans that Americans are just like them. Not to mention, it's a beautiful country.

  • Yes, Jay-Z and Beyonce obtained all of the required State Department permits for travel to Cuba.

    Since Jay-Z and Beyonce's trip to Cuba was in fact licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department, as required by federal law, there is no reason they should have not visited Cuba. They were not in violations of travel restrictions to Cuba, as some Congressmen have suggested. We (the US government) do not allow US citizens to travel to Cuba for tourism, but we do allow trips for cultural exchange. I think their trip was allowed as a cultural exchange.

  • Yes, if they want to travel to Cuba they should.

    Should Jay-Z and Beyonce travel there? I do not see why not, as long as that is what they both want to do. If it is something they have been planning and would like to go do as vacation or whatever, then there is no reason people should tell them no.

  • Equal Rights For All!

    Americans aren't allowed in Cuba. POINT BLANK! Just because someone is in the public eye doesn't mean that they receive another booklet of rules than the rest of us U.S citizens. If U.S celebrities are allowed in Cuba, then the rest of us should be too. Made my point! Just that simple.

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