• If you don’t like it, Don’t consume it!

    Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z are a powerful duo, And they’re clearly building an empire while having fun. Honestly, What is better than that? Plus Beyoncé doesn’t shy away from controversy, And constantly uses her platform to get a message across. A powerful message. She is Queen B! 👸🏾🤴🏾

  • No Need to Debase Themselves

    There is no need for Jay-Z and Beyonce to stoop to the levels of Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus just to get ratings or record sales. The power couple is already talented enough to make millions on their own with loyal and devoted fans without trying to appease to different demographics with odd and sometimes risque behavior.

  • Yes Jay-Z and Beyonce should modify their behavior.

    Jay-Z and Beyonce are, intended or not, are models for the young black men and women. Their actions and conduct showing a lack of respect for the laws of the United States inspires others to emulate their actions with dire results. They have been blessed with good fortune and have the responsibility to be role models for what can be accomplished with hard work.

  • No I don't think so.

    I do not think that Jay-Z and his wife need to tone down their behavior because one it isn't exactly making headlines as far as I can tell and two they are keeping it between two people who are in love and crazy about one another. In some ways that is a good thing.

  • They are making money

    The only reason that this couple is behaving like this is for the popularity that it is bringing them. When they do these things, they are put all across the news, and therefore make a whole lot more money, since the people are interested in what they are doing all the time.

  • A Loving Couple

    I do not believe Jay-Z and Beyonce should tone down their risqué behavior. Quite frankly, I feel they are an excellent role model of young people and married people alike. They appear to be in love and they love the work they do, despite the fact that it keeps them extremely busy.

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