Should Jean-Marie Le Pen be elected the next French president?

  • Sure why not.

    I do think that Jean-Marie Le Pen should be elected as the next French president. She would be good for the country because France has been run by men for most of its history. So I think that a women president would do the country some good. She seems fit for the job.

  • Yes he should.

    Jean Marie Le Pen should be elected the next French president. He brings a lot of new ideas to the table, and would make France a better country overall if he were to be elected the next president of France. There is no reason why he should no become the next French president.

  • He would unite the people.

    Yes, Jean-Marie Le Pen should be elected the next French president, because he has many progressive ideas. Le Pen is sensitive to the needs of the people. He has progressive ideas for women, including offering compensation for house wives. He would do a good job responding to people's needs and bringing the people together. He should run for president.

  • I don't know what progressive ideas he would bring to the table.

    His and his daughter's platform are run on 2 things: leaving the EU and stopping immigration, both disastrous economically and socially seeing that going back to the franc would only be beneficial on exports in the short term, and immigrants fill vast labor shortages that an aging and unwilling population create. Not to mention blaming a countries woes on its migrants doesnt explain the root of the problem, is racist, misconstrued, and reactionary rather than logical.

  • That would be a travesty for France.

    Jean-Marie Le Pen should not be elected the next French president. The last thing a cultured and enlightened European nation like France needs is some far-right loony holding its highest elected office. The man is a homophobic, bigoted, chauvinistic and racist nut job who has no business doing anything related to public policy.

  • Jean-Marie Le Pen Not Next French President

    In reality, Jean-Marie Le Pen shouldn't be named the next French president. While Le Pen has decent credentials and background experience, he is not the best choice to lead the country of France. Plus, he's not free from controversy, and his election would come with a lot of tension in France.

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