Should Jeb Bush be the 2016 Republican candidate for the American presidency?

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  • Bush Election Could Impede Foreign Relations and Fuel Terrorism

    Jeb Bush would be an unwise choice as a Republican candidate in 2016. The debacle of alleged election fraud in Florida, albeit an uncertain allegation, lingers in the mind of the American public. Moreover, the continuation of what might be labeled as the Bush dynasty would feed foreign mistrust and hatred of the US in general, and of the Bushes specifically. The augmentation of that mistrust and hatred could diminish America’s ability to negotiate with foreign powers, and could further threaten to fuel terrorism that targets the US.

  • No, he shouldn't

    Did 8 years teach us nothing? The Republican party isn't exactly overflowing with good candidates right now, in fact it doesn't have any, but that doesn't make Jeb Bush a more viable candidate. He's tragically a smarter choice than some of the other probables, but don't confuse that with him being a good choice.

  • NO, NO, NO

    I do not believe Jeb Bush should be the 2016 Republican candidate for the American presidency. I believe America has had enough of the Bush family and there terrible politics. Given the damage caused to the government by this family over the last few decades I think it would be a huge mistake for Republicans to even think this is an option.

  • No, but not sure who else should be.

    Jeb Bush is old guard, and we probably have had enough of the Bush family empire. That he is even being considered today for 2016 says something about the lack of talent and inspiration within the Republican party. They should be able to do better than that and come up with young blood by that time.

  • Brother and Father

    No, he should not run for president in the next election, because his family has already held this position for long enough. His brother and father have both been president, and one family should not control the nation for this amount of time. Others should take the seat and this family should back down.

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