Should Jeffrey Dahmer have been kept in solitary confinement for the entirety of his incarceration?

  • Dahmer was executed

    Jeffrey Dahmer was assigned a cleaning detail with a lifer ( and Wisconsin having no death penalty that meant he had no punishment but a few weeks of solitairy ) The guards then walked off and left them alone with a wink-wink.

    I have no pity for the man. He was a monster but his death was no random act of violence. Dahmer was executed.

  • A dangerous man

    Yes, this man should have been kept in solitary confinement while he was in prison. First of all, he was a very dangerous man, and is an extreme threat to anyone around him. Also he committed horrible crimes, and should be placed alone so that he has no social activities.

  • The prison officials knew he would be killed.

    If the prison system that housed Jeffrey Dahmer was actually concerned about meeting the goals of justice ordered by the court, then yes, he should have been kept in solitary. But the prison system that housed him knew what would happen to a monster like Dahmer in the general population.

  • Yes, Jeffrey Dahmer should have been kept in solitary confinement.

    I believe Jeffrey Dahmer should have been placed in solitary confinement and kept there.I do not think he should have had the luxury of being anywhere but inside that one cell where he might spend years contemplating the horrible acts he had committed. He should not have been allowed to have contact with anyone.

  • Yes, he should

    Certain criminals reach a level of monster that waives them any rights of being treated like a person. Solitary confinement for an extended period is cruel, but when you've taken lives in the manner that Dahmer did, at the end of the day, tough luck. You earned where you are and it's best for all if you rot there.

  • Its good that he was killed. He deserved to die.

    Dahmer was an inhuman monster. He would have received the death penalty if it had been in place in his state when he was convicted. Ask any one of the families of the people he killed. Whichever one describes the worst fate, that's what should have been done to Dahmer.

  • No, Jeffrey Dahmer did not need to be in solitary confinement

    We should not spend extra money to protect the most heinous of prisoners. They do not deserve to be treated specially so that nothing bad happens to them, because they did not treat their victims that way. The courts can only do so much for justice. The true justice comes in prison from the other prisoners, and the truly cruel and horrendous criminals deserve that kind of justice.

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