Should Jerome Boger be the referee for Super Bowl XLVII?

  • Yes, He's a Professional

    Jerome Boger has earned his rightful place as referee for the Super Bowl this year. He has experience playing football in college in Atlanta, Georgia and he has experience as a ref. He's been officiating with the NFL since 2004, so he has probably seen it all when it comes to football games.

  • NO

    He is horrid! Bring the replacement refs back. The replacements at least called offensive PI. Totally inconstant. An investigation of why he was chosen should be taking place. We were robbed of a truly incredible comeback because the officials directly influenced the outcome of the game. LaMichael James just fumbled. He definitely lost it before he was down. But am I crazy to think there was a facemask by a Ravens defender earlier in that play that got missed? One example of the many mistakes throughout the game.

  • No

    Clearly my friend to the left doesn't understand how this works. The best of the best are supposed to officiate the Super Bowl, which Jerome Boger is not. Or wasn't up until a few days ago, when his bad ratings all suddenly got thrown out at the same time. Conveniently, the language also changed from top rated to top 5 rated in regards to who gets the call the game. This is Big Chief Goodell telling everybody to shove it because he wants to be the boss and when the rules don't let him do what he wants he just changes them, nothing unusual.

  • Jerome Boger should NOT referee for Super Bowl XLVII.

    Jerome Boger should NOT referee for Super Bowl XLVII, due to the fact that there is speculation, as to how he was selected for the position in the first place. With rumors speculating that Boger has been shown favoritism, in receiving this position, it would only be fair to investigate such allegations and get to the bottom of how and why he was chosen.

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