• No they should not be divided

    Palestinians, although not their holiest land, deserve to have part of Jerusalem. Th Harim al Sharif is their third most holiest site. If it was given to the Jews, it is very possible that they would not allow Palestinians to visit it or control their visiting so it is very hard to visit it. Jewish people are very strong believers so there is a very high possibility that extremists would damage this site. Even though i am not Muslim, but we as a people do have to respect their religion as long as it is not harming anyone, and due to Israel's acts of "Security" I do not believe that their holy place would be taken care of if Israel were in control of Jerusalem

  • NO do not divide it!

    I think dividing the holy city of Jerusalem is a terrible idea. We need to respect the Jewish state of Israel and let it be holy for all people. If you divide it, you imply that not all people are equal and that not all people are welcome there. Jerusalem should be a loving, engaging safe haven for all who visit it.

  • Regardless of Knowledge, Why Divide?

    I will admit I am not an expert on the subject, but I do not think dividing Jerusalem is a good idea. When we look at countries that have been divided in the past (Germany and even USA), I feel we tend to lose more than we gain. Both "new" countries will be significantly weaker, and couldn't the country work together with resources available to solve its problems?

  • Palestinians, Jews, Need to Get Along

    Instead of fighting each other and blowing each other up over land, how about the Palestinians and Jews do something sensible like get along? Ethnic diversity works for America, why not the Middle East? Two wrongs don't make a right--it was wrong for the United Nations to make a Jewish homeland after World War II. Sympathy for European Jews was high after Hitler's massacre of 6 million. However, that doesn't give Palestinians the right to demand Jerusalem be returned to them. Everyone in that part of the world simply needs to get over it and live together in peace.

  • Please no don"t divide!

    Anyone that destroys Jerusalem, Israel, or divides it ,God will destroy. Why can't they share the land in peace. Jews go where they want and the Palestinians go where they want. They might never understand each other if they don't sit down and try. What kind of examples are they giving their children. To be so stubborn. Live the life you want but respect the other in the same space.

  • Muslims have Mecca

    If the Palestinians have the whole of Mecca then why should the Jews share it. If the Jews had Mecca then the Palestinians wouldn't share it so why should the Jews. The holiest building for the Jews is there but the Palistinion's is in Mecca. The Jews have their homeland there so why should they give it up for the Palestinians. The palestinons have their own holy place so they don't need jerouselem as well. Why should the Jews share it if the Palestinians keep attaking them, it's just going to keep the Jews defending their homeland. Jerusalem has the most holy place for the Jews and the palistinon's is in Mecca so why do the palistinons need Jerusalem aswell

  • War will be caused

    The Palestinians in other countries say they want peace but the truth is not that they want it all back and it will cause another war if divided. They want the higher ground in Jerusalem and higher ground gives advantage to the people up there in war.

    Great website to look at is: http://www.Keepjerusalem.Org/

    great source to find out more info and true facts

  • No,don't do it!

    The Israelis remind me of the Africans , the same rhetoric of separate development and two-state solutions and the same unreadiness to compromise from a position of overwhelming power and allow the other community enough land and autonomy to build their own future. Why give up anything until you have to? Keep stealing land whenever you want and create facts on the ground that tilt the situation in your favour. South Africa never had apartheid, it had baaskap, domination of one group by another.

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