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  • Again, thinking about another false belief over holly stuffs.

    I don't think dividing a holly place among worshipers who have a different way of belief is a right idea. This is a holly place for every one who believes in Christ and so on... So, dividing a land holiness makes every thing verses the word of GOD. A believer shouldn't think about the quality of faith and the style of worshiping. If some one has a belief goes there to pray far from faiths or different kind of faiths and so on..

  • No: Jerusalem Should Not Be Divided

    Division has only led to conflict and strife. Conflicts in Gaza and the West Bank illustrate why division can be used as a tool of oppression and containment. Rather than subdividing regions, people of different religions need to learn how to respect one another and at the very least tolerate each other, if they cannot directly work together.

  • Jerusalem Belongs in One Country

    Nobody denies the religious and cultural importance of Jerusalem amongst the Abrahamic faiths, but from a political and administrative perspective, it makes no sense to divide the city. Divided cities, such as Berlin, are never a good symbol of political unity and merely remind people of the difference between various groups.

  • No, Jerusalem should not be divided among the faiths.

    I think that it would be dangerous thing for the city of Jerusalem to be divided among the religions and faiths that worship there. I think that it is more important the the different people and faiths there all try to work together to build a good society. That is why Jerusalem shouldn't be divided.

  • Relative Peace For Now

    I do not believe Jerusalem should be divided among the faiths that worship there. I believe the current government is appropriate and it should be maintained, in my opinion. I think taking this land from the current residents would simply lead to full on warfare. Dividing the land among the people will leave everyone dissatisfied anyway.

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