Should Jerusalem become a International zone controlled by the United Nations to keep the peace between Israel, Arab Nations, etc

Asked by: Austin_064
  • It'd keep the peace

    If Jerusalem was a international zone controlled by the UN it would keep the peace between Isarel and Arab Nations, while making it further possible to have a Two State solution between Israel and Palestine. While it'd be hard to do it would be the best solution we would have to ensure peace for years.

  • Israel controls Jerusalem and has more historical claim than any other people.

    Since David named Jerusalem the capital of Israel it has never renounced that claim and has through God’s favor and promise reclaimed it for the Jewish people. Israel protects the holy sites and allows access to all believers of the different faiths. No other people or religion have been as generous, Especially Muslims who only steal, Kill and destroy to conquer and subjugate those whe are not Muslim. I am Christian and when Christians controlled Jerusalem, They were not as generous. God is in control and his favor is with Israel. I am happy.

  • There are more obstacles than Jerusalem.

    While, in principle, it may seem like a good idea to put Jerusalem under third party administration, that alone would not magically bring about peace, nor would it even begin to address the grievances on both sides. The Palestinians openly state that they want the WHOLE state of Israel, not just one part. They want to drive the Israelis into the sea. Israel, while increasingly more tolerant of a 2 state solution, will never agree to give up Jerusalem. A third party will only become another target for extremists, just as the British were when they were in control of Israel/Palestine. Just as the US cannot be reasonably expected to keep armies in the middle east to protect the peace, so too will a UN protectorate become untenable. The problems in the regions must be solved by the parties themselves if true peace is ever to come. That means Israel and Palestinians must work together.

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