• Freedom of Expression is Necessary

    I love wearing jewelry especially my ear accessories alot if people can even relate that when they wear and accessorize themselves with what they like they feel so much more like themselves, A burst if confidence comes from doing this, It provides so much comfort knowing and pubg able to Express yourself how you feel fit. I don't think that should be restrained from us. Expressing oneself shows diversity and enables you to become the best you, That you can be. So I don't believe in preventing anyone from accessorizing themself, It's their body, Their life lost then live and be themselves and just be free.

  • You should not wear Jewelry to school

    First, It because you can lose it, When you go out to play or when you do P. E. Like for example, Lisa brings an expensive pandora ring to school and lose it during doing P. E. Then Borg found it and said it was hers. So, Then the Lisa told the teacher that she thinks Borg found her ring then Borg lied and said that it was aturally hers. Huh Now what are you going to do about it just a waste of money that her parents brought her a ring that she's going to lose and might never give it back.

  • Jewerly should be banned

    Jewelry can be pretty and attracting and it could make others kids want to have it so some might steel it or try to bribe other kids to get what they want for instance jewelry. Second Jewlery can be very fragile and it could be very expencive or important so if that kid breaks that speical jewelry then not only will their perents be mad but they will too. Third kids like to give things away and that on little piece of jewelry could be really special and that person just gave it away.

  • Allow it let it be free

    It is really good to expressing yourself but at the same time you don't want to waste your money. Its really irritating to buy new ones just because we don't have the right one. Just give up because it don't make any sense and its just a waste of your time and pointless.

  • Jewellery should be banned

    Because if a student loses it it is there responsibility and it can get court and tangled to hair,hats and loos clouthing and also I have witnessed students getting bullied for wearing jewellery, and I am only now just realising this because I have to do an exam on this😛😩

  • Yes jewlery should be banned.

    Yes jewlery shoul be banned. One reason is because it can be distracting. Also becauseit can get lost. For example my friend had a shark tooth and it got lost. Another reason is because someone can steel it. The last reason is because someone can brag. For this reason jewlery should be banned from school.

  • No way Jose

    Individuality. If we have to have a uniform, Then we should be able to accessorise.
    Rebellious nature. Less ‘rebels’, Less students getting told off. It’s distracting when teacher tell you to take off your jewellery and a waste of time when they tell you to go to the student centre to take off your nail polish
    School is to prepare you for real life, And in real life, You are allowed to wear rings
    Students, Particularly females at the high-school age, Like to feel pretty, Cute and confident.
    Contrary to what most teachers think, From experience, Jewellery doesn’t stop you from learning.
    Lower record of school detentions
    Teachers can wear jewellery but we can’t
    People argue that students shouldn't be able to wear jewellery because what if they lose it? Well what if we don’t? Chances are, The students care about their jewellery and probably won’t lose it. Just because one student loses a piece of jewellery, Doesn’t mean that it should be banned for everyone.
    If we already have to wear an ugly uniform that we don’t want, Then we should at least be able to make it our own by putting on something that we do want to wear.

  • Jewelry shouldn't be banned

    1: Jewelry can make them feel more confident and good about themselves 2:it isn't distracting 3:it disrupts the class more by arguing with us to take it out or off, Its not affecting anyone is it, No, So whats the point in getting jewelry if u can't even wear it, 4: what if someone who has passed in your family gave you jewelry in memory of them and you can't even wear it 5:whats the big deal they aren't doing anything to anyone and jewelry is one way to express yourself 6:at least don't ban it give us a limit 7: teachers can wear jewelry but we can't. Those are my reasons why jewelry shouldn't be banned in schools

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  • I Think not I love jewelry

    I always wear my ear rings a few years ago I got my second ear piercing
    as long as you are not wearing some crazy all around you head chain thing it should be fine necklaces, Rings, And other things could have a history and it can be very special to them teachers and students a like.

  • No, It shouldn't

    Im a guy and i own a very awesome ring. My point is, If you want to wear it, Go ahead. My school bans it but then again the teachers are retarded. It is somewhat freedom to be able to wear what you like and not get judged for it, By teachers and students

  • My earring rant

    I think it's stupid that i have to remove my earnings because "males can't have piercings" like wtf I was told it was because it could get pulled out in contact sports which I DON'T PLAY and then I was told it was a distraction and had to put a bandaid over it and the bandaid is wayyy more distracting the the earring itself quite honestly I think it just depends on the school and the primary race my school being primarily white for pretty much forever has "traditional" rules I feel like schools with a more diverse population is more opened to the different ways of expression idek anymore I'm just rambling

  • It should not be banned

    I have a family airloom bracelet that my grandma and great grandma both wore for majority of their lives. My grandma passed in down to me (the eldest grandchild) in hope to wear in until I pass it down to my grandchild. My school won’t allow bracelets but this is a really important bracelet to me and I feel as if I should be allowed to wear it.

  • Let jewellery be worn in school

    It can sometimes help you concentrate and it can make you feel special if you are sad but I do agree with the fact that you should not be able to wear dangly earrings for they can make noise but Rings I think should be allowed because there is no harm in them.

  • We should be allowed to wear jewellery!

    Firstly, They are limiting our ways of self-expression. And secondly, The last time I was told to take off my earring, (I have 3 and apparently you can only have 2) my piercing got infected. Today, I came to school with earrings, Which I'm wearing to avoid infection, And my Key Stage coordinator cornered me and said "I don't believe you got an infection. You didn't email me about it so you might just be talking rubbish. " and proceeded with asking me how long ago the infection happened. Let me tell you, It happened because she told me to take them off. She told me only one pair is acceptable. I told her "Ok, Miss, Sorry, I will take them off. " This made me very upset. Why should I be banned from wearing earrings? I'm wearing regular earrings so that my ear doesn't get infected. Teachers are just abusing their power and something minor like earrings shouldn't even be a reason to corner and disrespectfully talk to a student, However important in the school you may be.
    In conclusion, Jewellery should be allowed. And abusing the power of a teacher shouldn't.

  • Jewellery should not be banned

    In my opinion jewellery should not be banned because
    1. It helps students concentrate
    2. They possibly have medical reasons
    3. Jewellery makes them feel good about themselves
    4. It's the students own body and own choices so why can't they wear what they want when they want on their body's?

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