Should Jimmy Fallon replace Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show?

  • He was OK in SNL but KILLS IT in late night!

    Fallon is always good-humored and upbeat and never fails to make one hell of a show for his audience as well as his guests. He sings, does hilarious imitations, and dances. Leno, Letterman, and even my long-favored Conan don't even come close. Watching the best-of recap for 2013, it's hard to think of a better late-night variety show run ever!

  • In some way or another Jay Leno have to leave the TV

    Jay Leno he must've removed when Conan O'Brien was host The Tonight Show, Jimmy
    It is neither good nor bad, but Fallon is also the only one who can reach the young and has social networks in its favor, Letterman and O'Brien are the only ones who deserved to be a host or stay in the hosting of The Tonight Show, Leno also not "play fair" when Carson retired and resigned when Conan, the best thing that can happen to television is that Jay Leno retires, independent if Fallon is good or bad for hosting, Jay Leno took years to be number one in ratings.

  • Yes, Jimmy Fallon should replace Jay Leno as the host of the Tonight Show.

    Yes, I believe that Jimmy Fallon should replace Jay Leno as the host of the Tonight Show. Ever since Jay Leno was involved in the Tonight Show debacle with Conan O'Brien, his show has dwindled in content and viewership, to the point of embarrassment. Jay Leno should realize that he was a "great" of the late night show host realm, like Johnny Carson, but his time is now over. Jimmy Fallon's routines, while at times immature and too scripted, is an up-and-coming star and his rise would benefit NBC greatly if he was put in the Tonight Show slot.

  • Definitely not...Jimmy Fallon is terrible

    Jimmy Fallon is really bad at being a late night talk show host. They should have never let Conan go. Leno and Fallon are both horrible and should be taken off the air. Letterman and Conan are the only saving graces of late night tv, and they aren't even up to par with what it should be.

  • No He Should Not

    Jimmy Fallon should not replace Jay Leno as the host of The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon is not funny and is terrible on the show he is on now, so there is no way he should replace a legend like Jay Leno. They should both stay where they are right now.

  • He's not funny

    I was surprised to hear that he was going to host the tonight show since I've seen probably about 4 episodes of his shows and thought he was not funny at all. Of course, there's at least one laughable moment but it's nothing compared to Conan O'Brien or Jimmy Kimmel who crack me up continuously. His skits and segments try too hard and it just pains me to see how awkward he is when he interviews guests.

  • I don't think he's funny.

    I don't watch the Tonight Show on a constant basis but when I did I thought Leno was hysterical. I watched the Tonight Show all week and I didn't laugh once at Fallon. He can't even compare with Leno or Letterman. I guess it must be me and my sense of humor.

  • NBC should have kept O'Brien

    O'Brien is/was better than both Leno and Fallon. Fallon will be worse than Leno and Leno wasn't even good. There are several better choices but NBC won't take any risks and the show will continue to be mediocre, boring and generic. NBC has no creativity so I guess Fallon would make sense for them.

  • No, Fallon is simply not funny.

    In my opinion, Fallon is simply not a funny guy. His monologue is lame and he is awkward in a bad way. I don't see how Fallon will get better ratings as the Tonight Show host than Conan did. I will anxiously await the ratings numbers.

    Leno and Letterman are great and Fallon is simply not up to par.

    Conan is king, but I admit, when he took over the Tonight Show he was "different" and "awkward". I'm not sure if that was his fault or NBC forcing him to water down his content. I'm betting the latter since he seems back to his old self now that he is on TBS.

  • Jimmy Fallon sucks at interviewing

    Jimmy Fallon does not know how to interview guests as most of the time he is the one getting razzed by the guest! He cheats at all the games that he plays on his show, as many guests try to call him out on it but is such a sore loser he would never admit to it. He was terrible on SNL always breaking, trying to steal focus and RUIN skits. When is it going to be time for a woman to take over late night?!?!!?!?!? Tired of seeing women get placed on higher channel cable networks for late night. Why not Chelsea Handler, Rosie O'Donnell, TINA FEY or even Whoopi to do late on NBC. Even getting fed up with SNL and their same old racist jokes/stereotypes.

  • Push him back to 1:30am instead.

    When he first started, he tried to imitate Conan. His skits are too much like SNL skits. He has only been doing this for 5 years, he is not ready anyway. He doesn't do enough News style jokes to fit into the late night slot on top of it all. He would be better off maybe returning to SNL or staying at his 12:30 slot, or going later and trying more racy jokes for a while to loosen up and mature.

    They lost Conan due to stupidity. He would have been the late night God. I'm not personally a fan of Letterman, so I won't say anything about him, but the only late night talk show that is funny would clearly have to be Craig Ferguson. His show is downright hilarious. Conan's too, he is my favourite. I tried watching Fallon, but he just doesn't make me laugh, he is not informative in any respect, his delivery is very predictable and after 5 years is already incredibly stale.

  • Jimmy Fallon Awful

    My Lord, how is Jimmy Fallon still on the air, much less going to get the Tonight Show gig? He is NOT funny. The only time he cracked me up on SNL was when he was laughing during skits. His talk show is excruciating to watch. He makes Chevy Chase, Magic johnson, and George Lopez look like Johnny Carson. He has incorporated lots of karoake into his show because it's one of the few things he can do without embarrassing himself. He's not funny and he's a godawful interviewer.

    They should hire Craig Kilborn, who's career is in disarray, but who had a fabulous late night show once upon a time.

  • Not going to work

    Jimmy Fallon does not have the appeal for the tonight show. The people that watch that show do so because of Jay. This is why Conan did not work either. If I am wrong so be it but I know I have no interest in watching after Jay leaves. This is a sad state of affairs for late night tv.

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