Should job applicants have to let employers know about criminal convictions that are older than seven years?

  • Yes, I think job applicants should have to let their employers know about criminal convictions that are older then seven years.

    I think it's only fair to the employer to be informed if a potential employee had been convicted of a crime as a legal adult, I don't think it should immediately close the door on applicants when they disclose something like that but I think the employers should have the right to know.

  • Yes, job applicants should let employers know about past criminal convictions regardless of how old they are.

    I think that job applicants that have prior convictions should definitely disclose them with employers regardless of how old they are, including seven years. I think that time does not really have an effect should an applicant have committed a serious crime. I think employers have the right to know about things like that.

  • No, unless it's murder or rape.

    Unless you murdered or raped someone, i do not think you should have to let employers know about criminal convictions that are older than seven years. The reason for this is because they did their time and should not continue to be punished for their past. Especially if the conviction wasn't too bad.

  • I don't think they should.

    Everybody makes a mistake or two in their lives. There are people who had criminal convictions and went on to make honest and successful lives for themselves. A person with one older conviction shouldn't be forced to bring it up. We need to give people the opportunity to make a fresh start in life.

  • No, I do not think so

    I think criminal pasts over seven years should not be looked at. The issue is a lot can change in seven years and becoming a party of society is hard when you have a few dings in your past. The issue is that they can look even if they are not suppose to.

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