• Yes, it should.

    Yes, I believe that job creations should in fact be the main impetus for future government spending. The economy is doing better now than it was doing when Barack Obama first took office, but the job market has been stagnating a bit. I feel that spending money on creating jobs would help revitalize the market.

  • Yes with infrastructure

    We do need to focus on job creation and I think the best way to do that is to focus on infrastructure to help get the country on a 21st and 22nd century way and to help employ people during tough times. We do need more jobs and the government should focus on it.

  • The government should invest in job creation.

    Job creation should be the main impetus for future government spending. It is very important that the government consider job creation just after safety and security issues when designing the budget. This is because job security creates a larger tax base, creates stability, and creates even more jobs by consumer spending.

  • No the government spending should not be a job creator.

    Local, state and federal government should not be in the business of job creation, that is the responsibility of private industry. Government spending to drive job creation only serves to create jobs that are dependent on increased taxation of individuals and businesses. This in turns reduces the productivity of the private sector.

  • Spending Does Not Create Lasting Jobs

    I do not believe job creation should be the main impetus for future government spending. I do not believe government spending creates long lasting jobs for the work force. I believe job creation should be a priority but I believe there are better ways to secure those jobs that don't involve direct spending.

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