• Top priority should be unemployment now.

    There are so many topics that America is dealing with, but unemployment should be the first thing one our list. Unemployment has been at a low for a while now and the recent increase in employment is too little for now. Obama should spend less time thinking about foreign affairs and deal with the problem of increasing home losses due to unemployment.

  • Yes. Given the unemployment rate in the US, jobs should absolutely be the first priority

    There is no question that many of the ills that plague the US economy can be addressed with policies that favor job growth and incentivize companies to provide good living wage jobs rather than exporting labor abroad. There are many approaches to this, many of which have to do with training and modernizing a workforce in the US that is currently unable to perform many of the jobs that are performed in places like China, Brazil, etc.

  • No

    Obamas top priority should be to stop spending so much money and digging our country further into debt all the time. We need to find a way to compromise on taxes and cutting spending so that this nation gets back on track and stops borrowing money from countries like The Republic of China.

  • Need To Refocus

    No, jobs should not be Obama’s top priority. Taxes and medical costs should be – if these are fixed, jobs will follow. It will do no good to add a million more minimum wage jobs when taxes and health care premiums for a family amount to more than two weeks of their pay. People have given up – they have no way of being heard, or no one is listening. Families at the lowest tier of middle class cannot make ends meet – taxes and health care alone are keeping them struggling just to exist and no one realizes it.

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