• Deliberate Inhumane Slaughter

    Ms. Arias killed Mr. Alexander because she had found a generous, thoughtful, kind, funny guy who she believed should support her for the rest of her life. He had the audacity to reject her. Then, he committed the unspeakable sin of holding the mirror to her face a month before the murder, called her a "sociopath" and declared her to be "the worst thing that ever happened to me". The truth enraged Ms. Arias. Not only did the truth set her down her murderous path, it sent her down a path where, in addition, she wanted to inflict upon Mr. Alexander, the most cruel and painful death of which she could conceive. Moreover, she wanted Mr. Alexander to know right before he took his last breath that she had "outsmarted him". She wanted Mr. Alexander to know that he was going to die.

    If she were simply motivated by passion, rejection or jealous rage, she would have shown up at his house and shot him or waited until he relaxed and, then, shot him. Instead, she lured him into a false sense of security, through sex, knowing all the while that she was not only going to kill him but, she was going to butcher him while he was still alive. She induced him to sit down in the shower when he was naked and defenseless under the ruse that she wanted to take 'artistic photos' of him. Only after he had fallen into her trap and was completely relaxed would he face the true demon that was Jodi Arias. She wanted him to experience that moment of horror when he looked up and found that the woman with whom he had just had intimate relations was a murderous, psychotic, blood-thirsty savage. She wanted his last earthly thought to be his knowledge that she was reveling in her "conquest" while the life was literally dripping from his body.

    Ms. Arias believes that between her lies and staged tears, she will walk out of jail next week a free woman. But, when she is convicted, her thought process will change. She will rationalize to herself that as long as Mr. Alexander is dead and she is allowed to have a life in prison that she "won" and he "got what he deserved". If Ms. Arias is put on death row, though, she will be in a 7 by 12 cell 23 hours a day with no prisoner contact until the day they come and strap her to the cart. If that happens, not only will she not have "won the game", in the interim she will be deprived of the attention that narcissists need like others need air.

    Lethal injection is the closest punishment that fits the crime. Even it falls short of the punishment this monster deserves. Jodi Arias is not a civilized human being. Through her acts she has forfeited her right to live in a civilized society.

  • No mercy for Arias!

    As premeditated of a murder as can be! Many people get rejected and have failed relationships, and they get over it. Arias got rejected, and she, in turn, staged a robbery, forged an alibi, and drove 800 miles down to AZ to murder the man who dared not to want her anymore.


    She is obviously guilty without question. She needs to be put to death for committing such a vicious crime. As she stated in her interviews before, "I would beg for the death penalty if I did this to Travis". Well guess what Jodi, you did do that to Travis, you told us you did. Guess you should get what you asked for!!!!!

  • The crime was absolutely overkill.

    They weren't a couple. Domestic violence is a state of relating when partners are in a real relationship. This woman made her way nearly a thousand miles to the man's state and city. Look at all the "coincidences" surrounding her trip! Any bird brain can see through the muck. This was a planned killing because she knew Travis was done with her and had moved on. Like any man, he likely was offered a piece of tail and was not going to turn it down. Bless his heart. I so wish he had. That demon was not worth his life!! Ready the needle for this monster!


    She completely premeditated the murder of Travis, she planned it and the executed him in the most cruel and heinous manner. She then has made up all of this about Travis abusing her, so executing him wasn't enough she is now trying to destroy his reputation. She is a proven liar and was a sexual deviant long before she met Travis and she is the one who introduce and initiated the deviant sexual relationship and when he tried to get away from her, she planned and executed him in such a horrid and cruel manner.

  • Get rid of the scourge forever

    She does not deserve to live!! I believe she should die in the manner in which she took Travis's life and experience the horror that she inflicted on another human being. Of course, that will not happen. Rot in hell you soulless manipulative witch! I feel so sad for everyone affected by this evil doer.

  • She is a psychopath and would kill another who tried to leave her.

    She is empty, has no life. She is a cling on to guys she likes and would kill again, the next guy she tried to control and smother with affection. She's a narcissist who thinks she is smarter, better than everyone else and she uses sex to get her way. She will kill again.

  • Heinous brutal murder committed by Jodi Arias, a narcissistic pathological evil liar and calculating murderer devoid of empathy and conscience and remorse

    Because the evil Jodi Arias deserves nothing other than the death penalty! Forget about saving an unrepentant brutal murderer who hides behind a mask of silent, slivering narcissistic evil! Give the Alexanders and all of us the peace of mind that comes with knowing that no one else need suffer or die because of this convicted murderer. The world would indeed be better off without LIARias [sic]!

  • Let her rot in hell for what she did. Electrocute her until this evil monster takes her last breath!

    She is demonic! Rid the world of this evil monster once and for all. She is a perpetual liar. Playing the judge, the jurors and her lawyers. She wants to do so many good things while in prison thinking that this will make up for the heinous crime she committed on a human being. I hope the jurors think with their hearts, remembering poor Travis and how she slaughtered him like a pig!

  • Death becomes her!

    Slit her throat, stab her 29 times, and shoot her in the head.......Give her a taste of her own medicine! She played the whole court system to benefit her every whim, and played her defense team, calling the shots. She is a calculating monster who deserves to die for this heinous crime.

  • Travis Alexander is a fake Christian along with his family battering her in the name of Jesus!

    She shouldn't die women have the right to defend themselves it's these MORONS who use Christianity to LIE in the name of Jesus making it ok to hurt women and batter them, believe me I dated one! Jodi may be telling the truth about being abused because I, for one, dated a psycho, Jesus freak and he beat me black and blue and used Jesus to justify his fake innocence!

  • He used her for sex

    She found sex to be his weak point and he found her need for love to get what he wanted. Her natural personality disposition may have contributed to her feelings of being battered and abused by him which someone else would not have felt that way. And he used her emotional weakness to get his kinky sex until she snapped, either because of another woman or the trip. From that perspective she does have elements of a battered and abused woman. That is how she felt. The point is whether someone, reasonable, would feel the same way. Probably not.

  • Are we humans or what?

    She has committed a horrible crime but I truly believe she IS sorry and did not want to inflict all this pain. For me, there is still a huge difference between Jodi and a serial killer, and there is a huge difference between her crime and the murder committed in cold blood by someone for the purpose of financial gains. The troubling part of this case is (a) she HAD no criminal record whatsoever, and (b) she had NOTHING to gain from the death of her boyfriend. How terribly messed up must a person be if they feel compelled to commit such a crime for the sole purpose to find relief for their psychological distress?
    Honestly, is there ANYTHING that she could say or do that would not be ripped apart by EVERYONE? I don't want to accuse her but the pendulum is going overboard in discrediting ANYTHING she is saying and doing. If she cries, we NOW for a fact that she cries for herself only. If she would apologize, the critical voices would say it CLEARLY was fake. If she would address the victim's family, everyone would cry out in exasperation, HOW COULD SHE? When she asked (initially) for the death sentence, how DARE she be so ungrateful to her lawyers. If she asks to spare her life (not for herself, naturally, because no-one wants to do her a favor) and asks to consider her family's pain, OMG, what a fake noodle! As if her family would mean ANYTHING to her .... Bla bla bla .....
    Jodi aside, I feel troubled by the mob mentality predominantly shown on TV and websites. It seems to me like the game show. Our 21st century replacement for Rom's gladiator arenas where people can see death or life play out in front of their lives and get some excitement out of it? The Jodi Arias case is GREAT, isn't it? Something to get REALLY EXCITED about, EVERY DAY, to relief aggression that otherwise would never be acceptable in our society.
    For those who are so quick in their desire to kill her: I would agree for anyone who would pose a threat to society. She doesn't! She'll be in prison. There is no reason to put her to death. Other than "an eye for an eye" thinking (which people who call themselves Christians or humanists should have overcome by now), tickling your own excitement, or mob mentality (howling with the Wolfs, and for once, feel good about being aggressive), there is nothing you can gain out of her death.

  • Jodi was overcharged by the jury.....Should've been 2nd Degree or Manslaughter. Death Penalty shouldn't even be considered.

    I don't agree with the jury's decision that premeditation (beyond a reasonable doubt) was correct. All the elements of premeditation (the gun, no having cell service, the gas cans, etc. ) while presented as theories by the prosecution don't pass the reasonable doubt standard. Jodi killed Travis either because of a jealous rage or a response to abuse(real or perceived by her). In either case 1st degree charge was not appropriate.

  • The death penalty is inhumane.

    I believe that no one has the right to take the life of another. Not for any reason, this means no death penalty at all under any circumstances. It makes no difference if the person is guilty, the death penalty is wrong. It has been said that the death penalty is a deterrent but this is not the case, people still murder each other, it does not work. As I don't believe in God, or an afterlife I think people should be made to suffer for their crimes, not given an easy out.

  • The death penalty is Cruel and Unusual Punishment, and hypocritical

    So the state kills people to show that killing people is wrong? What kind of hypocritical, uncivilized, medieval, bull crap is this? The US is one of the only small handful of countries that still murders their own citizens for criminal punishment. Other uncivilized countries that do this are Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Indonesia, etc. Is that really the level that Americans want to aspire to? No nation in Europe has the death penalty.

    Murdering Jodi Arias will not bring back Travis Alexander, or take away the pain of loss experienced by Travis' family and friends. The only thing it accomplishes is that it lets some people feel some sort of gratification for violent retribution or revenge - definitely not a very positive or healthy aspect of human emotion or consciousness.

    Our Constitution forbids "cruel and unusual punishment." How can people believe that the state carrying out premeditated murder of a citizen is moral or does not fit the definition of cruel and unusual punishment? What is the purpose of our criminal justice system? It seems to be mainly punitive, rather than for public safety, protection or rehabilitation. Just look at how Sheriff Joe Arpaio treats the inmates in the Maricopa County Jail. The humiliation, the abuse, the substandard disease-causing crap food that the inmates are fed (Arpaio brags that he has cut the cost of jail meals down to 20 cents a serving). Giving people disease and malnutrition because they have a jail sentence is definitely cruel and unusual punishment. But apparently the red neck people of Maricopa County, who keep reelecting Arpaio think that kind of stuff is just dandy. What is wrong with Americans that they are willing to drown in their own hypocrisy?

  • Jodi is Mentally Ill

    As I see it Jodi Arias suffers from mental illness, mainly a personality disorder. Mentally ill persons should not get the death penalty. As a nation, we should be more humane even though we believe she has committed a horrendous crime.
    Also, I do believe that Travis Alexander is not the saint we think he is. I firmly believe he was verbally, emotionally and physically abusive to Jodi.
    The relationship between Jodi and Travis was toxic and dysfunctional. Representative of two persons with deep-rooted psychological problems.

  • Jodi Arias should get the death penalty.

    Jodi Arias is manipulative and a liar. She is claiming self defense, but she stabbed her ex-boyfriend 29 times, shot him in the face, and slit his throat. That is overkill. I don't think she was "traumatized" and killed him out of fear. I think she should get the death penalty.

  • No person or government should have the say so to take ones life

    She has been convicted and could spend the rest of her life in prison. This is something she will have to face on a daily basis and deal with. She will have a much tougher sentence to spend life in prison then on death row. Statistics show that the amount of women on death row currently stands at 61 in the United States. As a person who has worked on death penalty cases, the majority would rather be on death row, then in population with other inmates for fear of the other inmates due to the crime they committed. The death penalty is not a choice that we as humans should have the choice to make to kill another human.

  • A Pound of Flesh?

    Having spent six years in in combat in Afghanistan (2001-2007), I can judiciously say that “death” is not something to be taken lightly. Those who have never experienced, first-hand, the raw nature of death are usually the ones who cry the loudest for deadly recompense in a situation such as this. Closing the light on one’s soul should never be taken lightly, nor should it be left to the decision of animals (read human beings). Do I think she should be punished for what she did? Without a doubt, yes. Do I think she should be executed for what she did? That is up to the jury; however, it seems like the “death-penalty-seekers” are looking for a “pound of flesh” rather than an “ounce of humanity”. If we claim superiority-of-dominion over all creatures of this earth, then what should separate us from the animals is our humanity itself - not our ability to reason or rationalize our behavior and actions. In every major religion or spiritual practice, especially in Abrahamic Faiths (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), killing is forbidden – no matter how we try to rationalize it, it is against God’s commandment. That kind of final judgment is for the hands of our lord, not for those born in sin. We are a nation founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs, despite the destabilization of morality and new order of apostasy and social apathy in our secularist society. We were a nation founded on the principle belief of God and his grace upon us. The Great Commandment we have been given is to “love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind”… and to “love thy neighbor as thyself"….” There is none other commandment greater than these.” The quintessential question is not whether to sentence her to death or not, but rather can we find the courage in our hearts to love her as we love ourselves. People make mistakes, that is what being human is all about: “he without sin cast the first stone.” As animals, we can dance around this topic in a “Lord of the Flies” kind of fashion debating on whether or not this woman should be killed. That is what we are debating. If we let the system put her to death, those who stand by in apathy are just a guilty of murder as she is. Whether it is a “horrific slaying” or “humane lethal injection”, the words “thou shalt not kill” do not leave any room for ambiguity. If we kill her, we are no better – regardless of how we justify it. We need to find true grace and a radical acceptance of forgiveness. She is a murderer. But Jesus forgave the murderers and thieves at Golgotha at the time of crucifixion, why won’t our humanity allow us to forgive her? Hate the sin, love the sinner. Sentence her to prison for the rest of her life; let God be the judge – not us.

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GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-06T19:08:45.780
Jodi Arias is just a crazy used woman. She will appeal for being crazy and mentally ill. She will not get the death penalty.
Anonymous says2013-05-16T01:56:23.350
Public hangin. W/o a hood on so everyone 1 can watch her last suffering breaths. Hang her. Hang her high
Anonymous says2013-05-21T04:14:01.367
Jodi Arias is a sociopath, that is for sure; however, and I say this with much restraint, she is a woman who killed with passion for a man whom she loved and who would not have her as a wife. She was driven by hurt and pain, and although she stalked him with passion, she was driven by an obsession that she could not mentally control. She wants the death penalty, obviously, but she should get life in prison to contemplate her actions. She could do well in prison as someone who is an example to those who commit such crimes. She is also an artist and could contribute in that respect.
Anonymous says2013-05-22T12:17:56.613
I hope the jury sees through her and returns a verdict of death