• We'll all think we're smarter...

    Compared to President Biden, we'll all seem much smarter. That was Obama's trick and it can work for us. How would you like to say I'm smarter than the presiden and have everyone in the room nod in agreement? Also, Biden will make liberalism look dumber than it already does.

  • Yes, he will make a good candidate.

    Joe Biden has a lot of experience in politics. He has been a U.S. Senator and is presently serving as Vice President of the country. He knows how to get things done and would be a good choice to lead the country. He is a talented individual with much to offer.

  • Should and will

    It seemed like a joke during the last term for Obama, but it's pretty clear right out of the gate that this term Biden is making a push, he's showing a side that gets things done and is actually involved in the discussion. Right now he wouldn't get my vote but if he puts four years of what he's currently doing together I'd consider it.

  • I personally don't think so.

    Joe Biden I look at as a comedian. Every time I hear him talk I laugh. He claims to be very well educated, but doesn't seem to know what century we're in our what our history is. In 2012, he said the past 4 years raising taxes was hurting, well he's been in office for the past 4 years. I wouldn't dream of having him as a president.

  • Oh my god no

    Joe Biden? The guy that said the German bombed us at Pearl Harbor? The guy that said if you vote for Mitt Romney they will put you back in chains to a black crowd? The guy that said a 3 letter word was JOBS? The guy that spending can keep us out of bankrupt? I think with his old age he is experiencing some dementia and alzheimers. I would prefer to not have him.

  • You've got to be kidding me

    JOE BIDEN?! I agree that he is better than Obama, but why not someone who will say the right things? (It's great to be the President)<-- Remember? But it won't matter because the way it goes, it's always Democrat to Republican and back to Democrat and that's the way it's been after the aristocrats took over to make it expedient for them.

  • The Democrats Need a Younger Face

    When political parties are considering Presidential candidates, they should always be looking towards the future of their party. Biden would not be a good choice because he will not bring an image of youth and vitality. Regardless of his platform, people will not remember his service as Vice President. They will focus on his age.

  • No, he should step aside for a younger candidate.

    I like Joe Biden, but I don't think he'd make a good candidate. He's too outspoken, and doesn't seem to have much patience for the day to day idiocy that is politics in the U.S. I think he should step aside and throw his support behind someone more likely to win, perhaps Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York.

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