• Boehner Shoud Have Been Reelected.

    Of course John Boehner should have been reelected. He has done a great job as the Speaker Of the House over the past few years. I realize that he had some rough weeks recently while dealing with the fiscal cliff, but that does not take away from him complete body of work. He is the right man for the job.

  • I do believe that he should've been.

    I think it was a good decision to reinstate the guy. Although I do not agree with everything he says, I think he did a fine job as someone with so much responsibility. I may not know all the details and specifics or if he really is the best choice, but I think he is.

  • No he should not have been reelected.

    We as a country would be better of with a new Speaker Of The House, I think that he is real lackadaisical. The way John Boehner handles the so called fiscal cliff was very sloppy, his negotiation fell through at the last minute, which in my opinion shows he has no idea what he's doing.

  • No, he's a puppet

    No, John Boehner should not have been re-elected, but the fact that he was is just further illustration of the zaniness of the republican party right now. Both factions of that party had him running around like a puppet, which is not leading. Also, he did not get the Sandy bill passed when he should have. There seems to be very little leadership in the republican party right now, just a lot of people mouthing off and not caring about the American middle class.

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