• Yes, he should remain Speaker

    I don't know what people expect of Boehner. He was elected to start with because he was supposed to be a conservative voice of reason. The fact is Obama won on a "give everybody everything" platform whether you like it or not. Boehner is trying to placate conservatives, but whether they are right or wrong, it just doesn't appear the American public wants to accept conservative reality. No matter what he does, those on the other side will denigrate him.

  • No, he is too partisan and it's time for a change.

    Boehner has been a member of the House since 1990 and has had many opportunities to help avert the financial situation this country is in. Instead of working out a compromise, he has toed the party line, even to the detriment of his constituents and the country as a whole. He seems more concerned about satisfying lobbyists and contributors than helping the working men and women of America.

  • Boehner has blown too many opportunities...

    Through his term of Speaker of the House, John Boehner has missed many chances to reach across party lines and work with President Barack Obama to reform many issues. Healthcare, education reform, job creation programs, and gun-control restrictions are just a few examples where the United States needed a level headed Speaker to stand up and do what is right. Speaker Boehner has shown a specific talent in ignoring these needs in favor of political tactics for the Republican right wing.

  • No On John Boehner: Sandy Relief Cannot Wait

    In the wake of Super Storm Sandy, John Boehner indicated that a relief bill would be passed through the House in early January. Then postponed the bill that would give stricken families much needed funding for rebuilding their lives and communities. Boehner gave no warning, nor explanation for his turn around on postponing of the bill. The relief bill is not something that can be pushed into the future. The people in devastated areas need to begin bringing their communities back to normal. It seems inhumane that he would promise resolution then take it away. Even his own party members are surprised. How do those people who lost everything feel? Is the Fiscal Cliff more important than these human beings who are going without? This man needs to be put out of the position of power he is in. The power has gone to his head.

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