• Kasich is a Big Government Progressive RINO.

    During his campaign for the GOP nomination, he has repeatedly tried to pass himself off as a conservative, but his record contradicts his rhetoric.

    Kasich’s record as governor is filled with progressive policies funded by federal money confiscated from taxpayers. If you want to know what Obama would do if he was a governor, you can look at Kasich. Kasich has lovingly accepted every progressive, federal government policy hatched by Obama and his lickspittles.

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  • John Kasick should drop out of the GOP race

    John Kasich must drop out of the GOP presidential nomination race as soon as possible. Unquestionably, he has no chance to win. Remaining in the race only serves to distort an already cloudy primary process. He needs to concentrate on his duties as governor of Ohio, perhaps accepting a potential Vice president invitation.

  • Yes, Kasich should job out of the GOP race

    John Kasich has done better than some candidates in this GOP race, yet he is holding back Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to do well. The whole of the GOP party is trying to get another candidate besides Trump to win the nomination, and Kasich dropping out would give his votes to one of those candidates.

  • The GOP needs a voice of reason.

    I'm not a Republican, but Kasich is the only voice of reason left in the GOP race who isn't interested in fighting and insults. He'll drop out soon, once the Primary in Ohio is over. He's not going to win the GOP nomination and he knows it, but he is the only thing that keeps the GOP party from being a complete circus act.

  • John Kasich-Presidential Canidate

    John Kasich should not drop out of the GOP race. The reason he should stay in this race is because this election has become to involved with Trump and Clinton. Voters need to be able to hear opinions from other candidates. I am beginning to wonder if this is an election or is this a celebrity debate?

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