Should John Yoo, one of the authors of the Bush-era "torture" memos, be protected (yes) or dismissed (no?)

  • Citizens are the ultimate judge.

    John Yoo should be protected. The information he put out to the public allowed the population to know the truth that was hidden from them. The government can not be held accountable for its actions when those actions are unknown to the public. The citizens of this country are ultimately the ones whom need to hold the government reponsible for its actions.

  • Yes, John Yoo should be protected.

    I think that John Yoo, one of the authors of the Bush-era "torture" memos should be protected. I do not think people should take his word for the material in his book though. People should make the decisions for themselves in terms of what they want to believe in. The only time an author like John Yoo should not be protected is if he broke any laws.

  • Should Be Prosecuted

    I do not believe John Yoo, one of the authors of the Bush-era "torture" memos, should be protected or dismissed. John Yoo took part in giving permission to torture inmates. He also disregarded the Geneva conventions and led the country down the wrong path. We shouldn't protect this man, we shouldn't dismiss him, we should prosecute him on war crimes, for torute, and whatever other illegal thing he was involved in during the Bush administration.

  • If we haven't done so already, fire that traitor!

    If John Yoo has not already been dismissed from whatever job he has with the United States government, he certainly should be at this time. Torture never should have been allowed, and there is no reason for the taxpayers to foot the bill for someone who thinks it is defensible.

  • He didn't help.

    John Yoo, one of the authors of the Bush-era torture memos, should be dismissed, rather than helped, because he shared country secrets which ultimately undermine the President and hurt the war effort. Democrats are calling Edward Snowden a traitor for leaking information that we are being spied on, but what John Yoo did was much worse.

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