• We Need A Sequel Where He Faces The Wrath Of His Father

    If we get him to eat sugar, His father will punish him with the wrath of the universe, And therefore we need it. We need to kill this stupid video by killing the stupid cause. This annoying 2 year old kid. Let's do it! Oh yeah, And because I don't care if this kid eats sugar.

  • Yes He Should!

    Johnny is a poor defenceless 2 year old child being held against his will by his father. The sugar is the only thing he can reach in the cupboard. He needs it to survive because his father is purposely starving him for his own sick pleasure. The father of Johnny Johnothan is a sick man, PLEASE, If you see him call the police, He is holding Johnny hostage in the house!

  • Johnny tis a no

    Johnny johnny yes papa eating sweets? No papa telling lies? No papa open your mouth. . . Hahaha and then they all die because johnny got diabetes from eating all of the sweets that he gathered to om nom nom on and then his dad was like imma steal the rest of the sweets while my son is dead so lol

  • No he should definitely not

    I have a few arguments
    1) Johnny is too fat. This is because he is a baby and has a lot of baby fat, So he will get obese.
    2) Sugar is not good for babies. This is because pedos use sugar to lure little kids like johnny into their basements.

  • Johny is an omnipresent entity that needs sugar to destroy the world.

    The whole point of life & our purpose to be here is to avoid making him eat sugar. Think about it, 9/11 Occurred because someone was almost about to give johny sugar in a tower, When the first got hit he went to the other to get that fine powder, Second gets hit, He heads for the pentagon. They had some prototype sugar stored there and he wen't there, After that got hit he went to the white house and the plane missed but he could not find the sugar, Of which was on a plane being carried by George W. Bush. Bush sent those planes to it so johny could not ever search for it again, Fast forward 10 years, The civil war happens because johny gained enough followers to fight the inhabitants in his search for sugar, Of which was buried with George in his great tomb of York (Now called New York), And so there was a huge army of sugar-addicts fighting the british military, Fast forward 50 years, WWIII Starts with an even more powerful force, Armed with axes the size of the great wall of china, Johny and his followers marched against the entire earth, In hunt for the sugar, Of which he fails again.

    Thank you for tuning in today, I hope you have a wonderful day, And this was: Why johny should not eat sugar.

  • Do you want Johnny to die of diabetes?

    Johnny is given sugar. Johnny becomes addicted to sugar. Johnny's teeth end up falling out. Johnny's spent all of his money on sugary products. Johnny forgets to brush his teeth and sits there eating sugar. Johnny's teeth fall out; Johnny's blood vessels become clogged and Johnny has a heart attack. Johnny's disowned children sob at his bedside as he lies gasping from diabetes; Johnny has a stroke and cannot recognise his children. Johnny dies slowly; eating sugar? No, Papa.

  • Johnny is unhealthy

    Johnny Jonathan is a 2 year old baby who lies to his father to get a unhealthy amount of sugar. His father tries to stop his antics but Johnny hypnotizes his father. He fools his papa with dumping his vegetables in the trash. In in interview with the father he said he and Susan broke up because of young Johnny

  • Johny should NOT eat sugar

    Consider the facts, If Johny had not eaten the sugar papa would not have left him and be replaced only to see them whenever they need a lesson about healthy vegetables, If Johny had not ruined his parents marital status by doing something as trivial as eating sugar, Perhaps he would've still had papa.

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