• Jon Stewart is not funny!

    John Stewart should do the world a favor and head straight to the newscast. I personally find him annoying and not funny. While he has a following, I believe he has played out the satire for a lifetime. The news can be delivered with a bit of humor of course, but there is not need for his continued satire prior to.

  • No, Jon Stewart should not ditch satire for a straight newscast

    No, Jon Stewart should not ditch satire for a straight newscast. John's satirical journalism is what has made him famous. Turning against that would cause him to lose many of the fans he has today, and start from scratch. People will always remember him the way he is now, so he needs to embrace that and continue.

  • No, satire has an important role that needs filling

    News satire has an important role in society, both in informing the public and in critiquing government policies. John Stewart is good at what he does, something that not many satirists can claim, and should stick to what he does best while he's still doing a good job. It's also important that viewers can be confident with whether or not he is providing satire.

  • No, Jon Stewart should not move to a straight newscast format.

    Those who argue that Jon Stewart should ditch his comedic, satirical format for a straight newscast fail to appreciate what made Stewart such a huge success to begin with. Stewart came up in TV media precisely by appealing to a young audience for whom standard format news was at best a bore, and at worst a form of ideologically driven brainwashing. Stewart's left-leaning politics are inseparable from the satirical format by which they are delivered.

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