• Yes, John Stewart is an excellent host.

    I think John Stewart would be perfect to host Meet the Press, it's a very long running television show and requires someone well liked to present it. As the show is political and news focused, John Stewart's topical satire would fit perfectly into the format of the show, keeping it relevant but also entertaining.

  • Yes, Jon Stewart would be a great host for Meet the Press.

    Right now, NBC is waging a ratings war with the other weekly news recap/interview shows run by CBS and ABC at the Sunday morning time slot. If winning over viewers and higher ratings is their perogative, then NBC could do no better than Jon Stewart. Stewart has become an institution in unto himself in the last decade or so, gathering a dedicated fan base that may have just started tuning in had Stewart begun hosting Meet the Press.

  • No wonder America is going downhill. Look where you're getting your "news."


    There's a reason comedians don't make good politicians. It isn't that they have overinflated egos, great methods for putting politics into their humor, or the fact that most comedians aren't good at much else... But rather, they can't do an interview without turning it into a complete joke or kissing the arse of the party that they support.

    Take Jimmy Fallon for instance; say what you will about Palin, I'll probably agree, but his actions during the interview with the old cow reflect precisely what's wrong with "comedians." They live in a fantasy world where making people laugh is everything. People that don't laugh? Well, they just scoff at them. That's how you become a comedian, you simply don't care.

    We already have enough people that don't care running our country into the ground. We have enough people that don't care voting our country into the ground. If you want to take the next step of letting America become the ass of the world by normalizing the idea of journalism stooping to the level of bad comedy, then have at it.

    I, personally, prefer dignity.

  • No, Jon Stewart should not host Meet the Press

    I really don't think that Jon Stewart should host the show. I believe that Chuck Todd is doing really great and I enjoyed the sit-down interview with President Obama. Even though the results of the show were not meeting the expectations I think the NBC producers should give Chunk Todd an other opportunity.

  • Jon Stewart is a comedian

    Jon Stewart is a comedian and not a member of the press. He is extremely biased in favor of liberalism and has no experience with objectivity. It might boost the ratings of the show but it would cause a loss of credibility. Comedians should stick to comedy rather than try to become newsmen.

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