• Would destroy Trump in a debate. . .

    Jon Stewart is not a used car salesman at heart like Trump. Both are entertainers, But Trump learned to be a sleaze-bag from an unprecedented generation of cheaters, Liars, And crooks. Stewart is well educated, Has shown that he is passionate, And he is full of what I consider to be the real Golden Generation American values that Trump has tried to destroy with his every utterance and tweet. Stewart would have to dumb down his language so that Trump supporters don't get intimidated by him being smarter than them. But, Stewart could jab Trump about New York and eat him alive in any debate setting.

  • Yes yes, Please yes!

    It's clear for me that he shares many, If not all, Of my values. He's spent the last several decades showing us he can speak to the public in a way that energizes us. He's smart.

    And I think he blows any republican out of the water in an election.

  • He’s smarter than me

    I know he’s a regular guy but I feel he understands the weight of the office; the responsibility of setting good policy. That he would surround himself with even smarter people and would appoint good solid people to cabinet positions. I believe he would do his best to push legislation that would remove corporate money from our elections and help the American people see through the BS and even educate us to stop electing people who are not in our best interest.

  • Jon Stewart for Resident 2020!

    I can't think of a single candidate that could inspire an entire generation like a Stewart candidacy. He is a great example of a person who is funny and we can relate to. Americans know that his heart is in the right place. Stewart would give Trump a run for his money.

  • The daily show

    No non sense pragmatism is all you would see. Pretty easy to have your shit together more than the existing congress and senate. Just a bunch of bought politicians in office now, Where as Stewart comes across much more genuine and sincere. Jon Stewart for President, Senate, Or Congress! Derp!

  • Absolutely he should run.

    The President alone does not make decisions on important matters, in most circumstances. They are surrounded by advisers. So, maybe the President does just need a clear vision for our country, a strong enough base to elect, and a charming-fatherly inclusive type of approach to the citizens... That might be enough to fully work out for us. Jon Stewart can certainly do this job. Maybe Trump has done us a favor by showing us what the really important qualities of a good President should be. Jon Stewart has those qualities.

  • I hope Jon Stewart runs for President

    He would be the best counter argument to the fake news and hatred coming from the alt right trump groups. It may not be good for Jon or his family but it would be great for our country and the world. I hope that he decides to run in 2020.

  • 2018 Jon Runs for New Jersey's 4th Congressional District

    He can replace social conservative Chris Smith representing his current home/ farm of Middletown Township, New Jersey. That gives him a couple of years to prove his political chops on a national stage to then run for President in 2020. Generationally Jon Stewart represents the end of the baby-boomer generation, but will appeal to many from subsequent younger generations.

  • Extremely educated and intelligent

    Outside of the establishment, can't be bought, passionate about our country. He is a great example of a person who can stay positive in the face of all of our country's problems. He can relate to the common man while understanding politicians and their motives. Americans know that his heart is in the right place

  • If he wants to and there are no major obstacles, then he should run

    If he really wants to, and he can convince himself that he can do a better job than Trump, then he should run. But there are some Major obstacles, Can he ignore all the people that tell him it's a bad idea? Will his Wife approve? Is he pressured into running for president or doing it out of sense of duty?

    Naturally, in a normal world we would not elect a Comedian as president, but we aren't electing politicians based on policies anyway, if we did, Hilary would have won. We're electing people based on Personalities and how good they look on a television; That's what his campaign should be about: Change the voting system so clowns are no longer elected in public office.

  • Of course not.

    John Stewart is a comedian. He has a good understanding of politics, but he's also my primary source of news. I don't want him to have to give up his show in order to be president. I'm sure he'd make a great president, but I prefer him where he is right now.

  • Stay Where He IS

    Jon Stewart is an American political satirist, writer, director, television host, actor, media critic, and stand-up comedian (Wikipedia). I do not believe Jon Stewart should run for president or any other political office. He is firmly working in the entertainment industry and many people enjoy the entertainment he provides. Secondly, he has not actual political experience, so a bid for presidency wouldn't be a good option for him.

  • He is too funny.

    No, Jon Stewart should not run for president, because he is a funny comedian, and he should stick with what he does best. Stewart is a funny comedian. He would not be taken seriously as a politician. He would also have to take sides on political issues, which would make him lose a lot of his audience.

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