• Do What Thy Will John? April 30 and May 1st. Talk to Police?

    I see through you. Your soul is black as coal John. The light is not as you think John. I'm not confused. Your pact to glorify yourself with Patsy John? You told Jon Benet "Close your eyes" as she was being tortured by the monster you let inside of your house. You chose that night of all nights to snuff out your own child, Such a holy man, You filmed it all as everyone watched. 'Why does love have to hurt so much daddy? " Bring back any memories John? Necromancer, I seen it all John. You can't fool us who are all ever seeing.

  • Friggin Fry him!!

    He's a pedo murder son of a gun!!!! He no like kids. He like kill the babies, he wife die like satan to him. He no enter garden. He babinator exterminator, whe he do it? No one know but he be guilty for sure. Me no like that creepy mustache either.

  • He Knew Something

    JonBenet Ramsey's father had to know something surrounding her death since the 6-year-old was found dead in his basement without signs of a break-in. Her mother died of ovarian cancer, so the only one left to be prosecuted without further evidence is JonBenet's father. He's the only person left who knows anything about his daughter's death.

  • Evidence is lacking

    Evidence is key and there is none to prove beyond reasonable doubt who done this. Opinions count for nothing no matter who you think done it. Dont think there will ever be answers, all the evidence has been exhausted. Dna possibly may help but very doubtful after all this time

  • No Real Evidence

    I believe it is unlikely that Jon Benet Ramsey's true story will ever be learned. It is more than likely lost to time. I do not believe her father should be indicted for her murder because there is insufficient evidence to do so. I do not believe this case is solvable unless someone comes forward and confesses.

  • Why JonBenet Ramsey's father should not be indited for her murder.

    The disappearance of JonBenet Ramsey has been in the news for years. A body has yet to be found and despite the on-going police investigation, no hard evidence had been presented to suggest that the parents are involved in the disappearance of this little girl. The lack of evidence and the time that has passed makes it seem that there probably won't ever be a suspect charged. And, what would have been the father's motive in killing his daughter? The family is obviously well to do and there is apparently no history of abuse or violence in the Ramsey family.

  • JonBenet Ramsey's father has suffered enough

    JonBenet Ramsey became a news media sensation because she was a beautiful blond child. The added sensation was wealthy parents who created a sexually tantalizing child-woman that created a media frenzy. Given that the case was botched from day one by the Boulder detectives, we will never know the truth. While the media fanned speculation, we will never really know what the real events were of a murdered child who still sells out magazine covers today.

  • It was her mother.

    No, JonBenet Ramsey should not be indicted for her murder, because it was her mother that was responsible. JonBenet's mother killed her in a fit that she had over JonBenet's wetting. She lost her temper and killed her daughter, and then tried to cover it up. JonBenet's father was no the one that killed her.

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