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  • No, this was a travesty.

    The wife of Joseph C. Wilson should never have been outed as a CIA agent. Not only was her ability to work destroyed but, because of its sensitive nature, she actually could have been put in actual physical danger. This was a very underhanded way to deal with the situation.

  • Outing WIlson's Wife Was Wrong

    Joseph C. Wilson's wife shouldn't have been outed as a CIA agent. In reality, outing her put her and others at unnecessary risk. Nobody benefited in any way from her outing, and she absolutely suffered in various ways because of such a revelation. The person that outed her should have received punishments.

  • No she should not have been.

    Joseph C. Wilson's wife should not have been outed as a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent. This is always a bad thing to happen to a CIA agent, as it can put their life in danger. There would have been no gain to anyone if she where to have been outed.

  • No, privacy is key.

    No, Joseph C. Wilson's wife should not have been outed as a CIA agent, because the privacy and security of our CIA agents is of utmost importance. Joseph Wilson's wife should have been able to do her work without being outed. It is never good for national security when our agents are found out.

  • There was no justification.

    The outing of Valerie Plame, Joseph C. Wilson's wife, was plain and simple, evil American conservatives getting revenge on him for calling them on their lies about weapons of mass destruction. It was payback. It was not justified, it hurt national security, and just goes to show you how far the so-called "Patriots" in the USA will go if you call them out as liars.

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