• Honestly, who cares?

    You realize that he is a reformed married man now, right?

    And because of this backlash, his father has lost his job. That makes me sick to my stomach that random people care so much.

    If you don't like it, don't watch the show. That seems like a good, reasonable reaction to me. Don't ruin his life because he made mistakes when he was 14.

  • You're all pitiful.

    Everybody that is commenting "no" is acting like they've never done something horrible in their life.

    I have a question. How many of you while under the age of 18 have sent a nude picture? How many of you who is over the age of 18 was in a relationship with someone younger than you and did "stuff" or exchanged naked pictures? If anyone says yes then you would be labeled a sex offender. Yup, possession of a nude picture of someone under 18 (regardless of if you're a minor too) can result in you becoming a Sex Offender and possible jail time, it's called Child Pornography. So, if you've done any of those things then according to the law you should be a Sex Offender just as much as Mr. Duggar should be.

    Frankly, this entire situation is saddening. Everybody is looking at this situation like Mr. Duggar recently committed these acts when in reality it was when he was 14. Do you really think a 14 year old deserves to go to prison and become a Sex Offender? I don't think so. It also seems like a lot of people are attacking this particular family because of their Christian values and their supposed "holiness"

  • Everyone makes mistakes

    I honestly think everyone is honing in on him because of his family background. No one/family is perfect. He realized that it was a mistake and it did happen when he was fourteen, when most guys are starting to get curious. Of course it was disgusting and he knew it and stopped. As long as he doesn't do it again I think he should be forgiven. Everyone deserves a little mercy. Besides I don't think the show it coming back anyways, in a year or so everyone will forget this even happened.

  • Forgiveness is necessary

    I am not a fan of the show. But here are some of the reasons why I think he should be forgiven:
    1- Josh was a kid
    2- Josh didn't fully understand that his acts are horrific as we adults see them
    3- He was very remorseful. He wasn't caught, but he confessed out of guilt.
    4- The victims have forgiven him (But even if they didn't, he should still be forgiven)

  • Wait hold the presses what is going on here?

    This is actually the first I have heard of this, and I had to go do a search on this subject. I wish to answer this question with a question of my own, why should he be forgiven for something that hasn't been proven yet. These are alleged allegations, and right now Josh and his family aren't commenting on these allegations. Josh is a cop and he is also a member of a well known family. The Duggars are a huge success on TLC, they seem like a good family. Perhaps for some a little too good to be true, so why not tarnish their image all the while getting publicity for yourself. Sorry, I can't believe this right now till more evidence is brought forth to tell me this is true. Josh to me comes across as a loving and devoted family man he doesn't meet the profile of a molester in any way shape or form I would be shock to discover this is actually true.

  • We all make mistakes.

    As a 14 year old I know how stupid kids can be. Kids at my school have done some stupid things. Some have done things that are only rumors. Now i am not saying that molestation is okay. He has 18 siblings he is fine. He is going to have his fourth kid. This is fine it was 13 years ago. He had his talking to got in trouble and he will be fine. Why are we intervening in his life when he has a family to raise. He just needs to know what he did was wrong. This would have never gotten out if the media was not so nosy. It is not okay but 14 year olds do stupid things. GET OVER IT. We do not need to be nosing around in his personal business.

  • With true efforts of getting help Josh Duggar should be forgiven.

    What Josh Duggar has done in his past is absolutely horrible, yet he has come forward and is wanting to seek help for his wrongdoings. There do have to be repercussions such as him leaving his job, but overall he ultimately, with time and help, should be able to be forgiven. Of course, he must show a true effort in seeking help and changing and helping to make a difference in the future for this matter.

  • Jail should be for reform not for punishment

    As much as people love to crucify those they feel are morally beneath them and who have broken the laws of society, the point of locking someone up should be either to rehabilitate them to society or to remove them from it if they cannot be rehabilitated. Clearly Josh Duggar was able to be rehabilitated so what would putting him in jail solve? Jail culture is pervasive and violent and often makes offenders worse. Is it really that surprising that a 14 year old was interested in the genitalia of the opposite sex? Child abuse is an issue that view can think about rationally with a logical frame of mind since it brings up many emotions. For this reason the punishment often turns into a lynch mob trying to crucify the individual for their actions. Josh Duggar doesn't seem to be a lifetime offender who cannot control his actions so I say we forgive him for his transgressions since he is able to safely follow the laws of the society.

  • This was a while ago

    Why? Why should it even be made PUBLIC that Josh Duggar did something inappropriate when he was younger. If his family wasn't as famous, nobody would notice. It's not right for us to pass judgement onto people who did something stupid when they were a MINOR. I don't think it is right to bring up something he did YEARS after he did it.
    SHAME on you people who care what other random people do when they are young.

  • Reparations were made

    It happened so long ago that holding him accountable now seems pointless. He was 14 so it's not saying that it's okay that it happened but it happened over a decade ago. I am curious how it "got out" since if the persons were treated a decade ago for his behaviors it's questionable whether or not he's really to be held to "trial" for this.

  • He abused children

    That is a crime i myself am familiar with, it seriously hurts the victims. In many states, he would be on death row. He only got away with it because the statute of limitations say he can and his family covered it up. That is obstructing justice. He hurt innocent children.

  • Child molestation should never be forgiven

    Children are our most vulnerable population. He, as a teenager and young adult, knew better. His parents also know better. To subject a child to that type of abuse traumatizes them for life. That cannot be overlooked because he is from a reality television show. It needs to be addressed for the serious crime that it is.

  • Josh Duggar should never be forgiven for his child molestation

    Child molestation is a horrible experience that the child will have to live with for the rest of their lives. It hinders normal childhood development and forever effects how they are able to form healthy relationships and trust. Forgiving Josh Duggar for such a horrible act is wiping the slate clean for him and allows him to live his life as if it never happened. His child victim will not have that luxury, so he shouldn't either.

  • Josh Duggar is a Sex Offender

    This is disgusting. He molested children- no matter what his age was at the time. "We all make mistakes" yes... But we do not all damage children for the rest of their lives. If Daddy wasn't a politician with connections, Josh Duggar would be a convicted sex offender, forced to register for life.

  • He's had it too good for too long

    Just because he made the mistakes he made "over a decade ago", that doesn't excuse it. The severity of a crime should NEVER diminish simply because time has passed. He didn't pay for his mistakes as a 14-year-old, so he ought to pay for them now. Additionally, child molestation is not just a "mistake." Yes, everyone has done something stupid in their lives, but it's likely that NONE of the people in this debate have molested children. That is much more than a mistake -- much more than what normal, healthy individuals do as 14-year-olds do.

  • Do we really even need to ask this?

    What he did was absolutely unacceptable, and if we forgive him we set the dangerous precedent that fame allows us to be above the law, which will open the floodgates for more acts like those to follow. We are all equals under the law and no one gets to pick and chose which ones they follow.

  • Never Say Should

    SHOULD be forgiven means people have to forgive him. The child who he molested does not have to forgive him. He CAN be forgiven, but that doesn't mean people should.

    Don't mind me down here just trying to get the twenty more words I need in my response. Can't responses just be short and sweet?

  • I say no

    He has harmed kids and their lives that they do. He hurt their normal lives and i believe they would never accept that too!I just wish he never has ever done that! The only thing is why he has done that to kids? Does he like kids or hates them?

  • No no no

    Even though he did it when he was 14, and is now 27, he was old enough to know better. After the age of 13, you should not be forgiven for any crime that you commit and rape is no joke. He should be sentenced to at least 7 years in prison.

  • No, of course not

    He SHOULD not be forgiven. People can, I'm not sure why they would, but they can forgive him.

    However, he by no means should he be forgiven. He has done something incredibly atrocious, and tried to cover it up. He deserves all the fallout from the incident, and regardless of his "reform" child abuse cannot go unpunished.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-05-26T18:46:15.247
The only people who he should ask forgiveness from for his behavior at 14 is his victims. To the rest of us he owes no apology.
MindforThought says2015-06-03T15:51:49.597
I agree with Vox_Veritas, his victims are the only ones to decide whether he should be forgiven.

Other victims of sexual abuse or activists may find the need to stand up for these victims of whom he had molested. However, each situation is different. If you have been a victim of sexual abuse, and your offender shows no remorse and gets away with it, you might not want to defend Joshua Duggar, and will likely criticize him. Yet, what if his victims had already forgiven Joshua Duggar because he knows that it is wrong, and has apologized?

None of his victims has come out yet to bash Joshua Duggar, but the whole world who is not involved in this situation is?
daem0n says2015-06-09T02:39:40.290
This is one of those false dichotomy questions that create the illusion of disagreement.

"Yes, he should be forgiven because forgiveness is good in principle. Anyone in his shoes should be forgiven."

"No, he should not be forgiven because he does not deserve better treatment than all the other child molesters who were not forgiven."