Should Journalists Be Required By Law To Be Responsible in the State of South Carolina?

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  • I don't think journalists need to be responsible for the crime they report

    It is incredibly ridiculous for the public to demand journalists to be liable for the crimes they report on, or to divulge the sources of anonymous tips they receive. These tips are necessary for a democratic society and to have journalists responsible in the state of South Carolina would be really shameful.

  • Journalistic freedom is basic to our founding.

    When the framer's of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution were going about their business, part of that business was to ensure a free press. A free press guarantees that the government is transparent, doesn't intimidate it's citizens, and to inform the people about their world. No journalist should ever have to worry that their reporting, as long as it's true, is subject to being punishable by new laws.

  • Jounalists should not have to register in South Carolina

    The idea of having a journalist registry in South Carolina is not necessary and would put a controlling force in the hands of the secretary of state. The freedom of the media to voice opinions and offer investigations is a precious freedom that needs to be open for all citizens.

  • It's not enforcable

    The proposed law creating a registry for responsible journalists is incredibly vague, and could result in reporters being fined or thrown in jail based on nothing other than a politician disagreeing with what he prints. There is no fair way to enforce such a law as there is little way to define what is responsible.

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