• I wish he had

    Not sure how much of a difference Jozy Altidore starting might have made, but given that it was a crucial game, I think he should have been in. The US played a great game at the end, especially Tim Howard, but having Altidore may have helped when they needed it most.

  • he was great

    Jozy Altidore should have started today and, when he was playing in the game, he was great. There is a huge amount of raw talent that the US should cultivate; Altidore is a great example of what the team could be in the near future with the right public support.

  • He needs to heal

    I understand that everyone in the US wants the best players on the field and wants Jozy to start in order to give us the best chance against Belgium, but Jozy had a very significant injury and needs time to heal. He needs to think about his full career not just this World Cup.

  • No, Jozy Altidore should not start for the U.S. today.

    I think that the best option for the U.S. is to let Jozy Altidore remain available without starting quite yet. The U.S. should hold off on starting Jozy Altidore until they know for sure that he can handle it to start again and be as much of an asset to the team as possible. Allowing him to start right now could cause future issues for himself and the team.

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