Should judge Jean Boyd be disbarred for the Ethan Couch verdict?

Asked by: rja7
  • Judge Boyd's Selective justice

    She gave a 16 year old poor black kid 20 years in prison for driving drunk and killing one person. She gives a 16 year old white rich kid a stay in a $450k a year rehab facility.

    Apparently if the the black kid could have afforded that same facility he would have dodged the jail sentence. So maybe she's not racist, but just believes a different set of laws applies to the Rich.

  • This judge does not deserve retirement.

    Judges typically do not get much overview, whether from peers or credentialing authority. The lack of such overview in this case seems to give the judge the same free pass that she dished out - that it is okay to act irresponsibly then run and hide. Ethan Couch avoids punishment and flees the country and his judge hides in retirement.

  • She should be disbarred and her stupid verdict should be reversed.

    My very first reaction upon hearing about this really brilliant verdict was, SOMEONE should investigate Judge Jean's FINANCES back to kindergarten. What was she paid, or promised, or contributed to, for this insane pandering to the rich, once again? Interesting that she had no sympathy or understanding or "let's give him another chance" for any POOR kid, even ones with far less serious offenses, so you can't even view this as "bleeding heart" misguided sympathy. Furthermore, Ethan's PARENTS should be held accountable since they FINANCED his depredations, and even provided a convenient location for him and his friends to get wasted -- his "party house." What kind of a message does Judge Jean wish to MAKE here? , when it wasn't even the first time the kid had been in trouble -- far from it. He celebrated an earlier release from rehab by throwing a huge drunken bash. SO, we're supposed to let him repeat this behavior over and over again? Which is what this verdict allows him to do? The rich should have MORE REASON TO BEHAVE well, with their privileges and resources. This judge must really be either incredibly stupid or incredibly corrupt -=- or BOTH.

  • Only the privileged!

    To not punish a spoiled kid because hes never been punished is senseless.I'm all about second chances but to give a 16 year old kid 10 years probation and time in a 450,000$ a year rehab for killing 4 people and putting another in a vegetative state, seems incomprehensible. "Afluenza" is not a recognized disorder.It was term applied to this type of behavior, not meant as a disability. Judge Jean Boyd should be ashamed for being so easily manipulated by the defense.The vast majority seem to share my views but I'm curious to hear other points of view.

    Posted by: rja7
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