• Yes, Judge Kopf shall be asked to step down in light of his comment.

    In recent times, Judge Kopf has caused a lot of controversy through his blogs and it is fairly certain that being one from the judiciary department, he shall remain professional and rather handle everything more open-mindedly, not to mention one which includes less profanity. The role of a judge is not an easy one and many people especially upcoming lawyers look up to judges not to just seek justice but also for establishment of their own behavior and/or roles in the community. So yes, Judge Kopf should be asked to step down due to the controversies he's stirred up lately.

  • Judge Kopf should step down because his comments question his integrity.

    Although we are guaranteed freedom of speech, those that we place in a position to judge others should be held to a higher standard. Judge Kopf's comments also call into question his ability to judge others fairly and without discrimination. His comments very clearly indicate that there are those he holds bigoted opinions of. In light of this he should indeed be asked to step down.

  • Yes, he should step down

    I think that as a Judge, you should keep your personal opinion out of any matter that you have jurisdiction of. He should look at the evidence and base his answer off of the evidence whether it agrees with his personal opinion or not. Once you let your opnion out I think that it is in the best interest just to step down

  • Yes no class for a district judge.

    No one should publicly out the supreme court. If he did this in a private conversation and it became public my view would be different, but he outed the Supreme court in a most intentional public way so his actions should have consequences and he should be forced to step down.

  • The supreme court should be criticized because to not be allowed to is tyranny

    Basically Kopf should stand his ground because the judges on the SCOTUS are clearly using the clout to basically impose their decisions when the supreme court really should not even be in theory political. In practice it is and i am honestly ashamed of the SCOTUS for becoming so biased and political. And trust me the ruling on burwell vs hobby lobby isnt just women's contraception now the queer community possibly faces discrimation because of this ruling. Also they said it would be narrow but 90% of all american businesses and with this ruling that these businesses can have religious freedom and deny people services because of it. So yeah i think that the SCOTUS deserves backlash and the ability to be replaced and not serve for life terms. Also i think if it's going to be a political institution then it should be at least votable

  • According to what I read, he only said there was no evidence

    That one of the people being tried in his court was raped. This feminist nonsense is really getting annoyed. All he did say there was no suficient evidence to warrant an investigation based on what he saw. He should not be kicked out for that. This is more feminist crybaby nonsense.

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