Should Judges be Replaced by Current AI Technology?

Asked by: tommyhanksy
  • It cuts emotional swaying

    Computers can only see right and wrong. If given all the evidence, all the arguments, why shouldn't a computer system be able to compute whether a person is guilty or not? With a human judge, criminals can sway them by showing remorse or by bribing. With an AI, the criminals cannot sway through emotion or bribery.

  • They are much smarter!

    They are much smarter! Ai will help so much think about it ai is not resist and it helps us every day any way and it will know all laws and calculate each testimony and see witch one falls into place i believe this will help with a lot of cases!

    Posted by: Xten
  • AI is still heavily assisted

    At this point in time, AI is not able to fool humans into thinking it's human (Turing test), so it's quite unreasonable to imagine any sort of contemporary AI being able to pick up on some difficult human cues, such as a lie by omission and plain dishonesty. Imagining this exchange: "Is it true that you said of my client that you were quite satisfied with his work?" "I believe his work was satisfactory according to the company's standard practices". A lot is said in subtext here, with the witness not only lowering his degree of satisfaction whilst using another form of the same word, but distancing himself from the claim. An AI judge would likely not pick up on these subtleties.

  • Not Ready Yet

    I like A.I. And the possibilities that may ensue, but I don't believe it's ready to pass judgement just yet. There're certain circumstances for which the law must be fluid or malleable for the protection of the people. I don't like it, but it's of necessity. The Risk out-weight the benefits for now.

  • No no no

    If we are not presume that ethics is the product of human evolution and we are not presume (as David Hume did) that ethics is the product of our emotional response to certain events (moral sentimentalism). Then logically a computer or AI of any kind will be unable to understand human ethics and morality, it will only know the law and how it should be enforced without being able to emphasise with the victim/criminal. In short an AI would be no different than a sociopath.

  • Concept of "court"

    Certain behaviors are punishable in accordance to law. Judges job is to analyze if given behavior categorizes as punishable as stated by law and read out punishment as stated by law. That's the fundamental idea of this system. Human factor is irrelevant. If laws have too much errors so that human factor is required, indicates that laws must be modified.

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