• Yes, judicial reform should be voted by the people.

    Yes, if there is to be a reform of the judicial system in America, then it is something that the citizens of the United States should have a say about. I think a referendum makes sense since it would be a very serious matter. Anything else would be unfairl and unjust.

  • Yes, legislature should be kept separate

    Yes, a referendum from the citizenship should be held for judicial reform. If judicial reform takes place as a result of the legislature, it defeats the purpose of separate branches. Similarly, executive decrees would also violate the idea of separate branches. A referendum of citizens would also prevent life-long unelected judges from making significant changes without voter approval.

  • Just need more competent lawmakers

    It is not up to the citizens to make judicial reform other than voting people into office. We often vote incompetent radical lawmakers into office and it costs us dearly every time. That, and how the Supreme Court judges wrecked the system by allowing people and corporations to be able to buy our elections.

  • Judicial reform is needed

    Judicial reform is needed but not by way of a referendum. The judges in this country are not following all the rules that they are suppose to. Many of them try to legislate from the bench and this is not right. Judges need to be elected that follow the constitution.

  • It is not all constitutional.

    No, judicial reform is not an issue that requires a referendum from the citizenship, because not all elements of the judiciary are at the level that they are constitutional. The judiciary is very complex, and most people do not understand it. Those in charge should be able to make decisions to hold judges more accountable for incompetency, which is rampant.

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