• Yes, it should be reviewed each time

    I think each term it should be considered, you can't have these kinds of things in this day and age. Times do change and people do as well, having the same old laws and judicial people in the way, is only going to cause issues for the masses down the road.

  • Yes, I believe judical reform be considered every time a new president is elected.

    Each president has a different position and different goals the government and the country. We should consider judical reform based on his own position and agenda. Also with the election of a new president comes the election of new legistators and each has his or her own positions and agenda.

  • The Judicial System Shouldn't Be Political

    If the judicial system gets reformed every time a new president is elected, that would make the justice system more influenced by party politics. The result would be a system that would shift every time there is a president from a different political party elected. This means that there would be less consistency across time for the justice system and more political pressure. These things would make it more difficult for people to get justice.

  • No, it should not be considered.

    I think that the judicial system is something that keeps America stable. We can expect to have the same rules which is something that society needs. If every 4-8 years the laws change we would live in a state of anxiety where people are always confused. It is what keeps us mentally sane.

  • No, judicial reform should not be considered every time a new president is elected.

    I do not believe that judicial reform should be considered every time a new President is elected. I think that the judicial system should only be reviewed if there are enough cases to warrant such a review. And if there are evidence to support a reform, then the American people should be able to vote for it.

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