Should Julian Assange and his staff be imprisoned in the U.S.?

  • Yes, there could be casuaties

    Yes, he and his supporters should go to trial. It is possible there could have been some sensitive leaks that someone may have been hurt or killed by the release of classified documents. I would consider this to be not much different than spying such as during the cold war. These persons are criminals.

  • Julian Assange

    Julian Assange is a man who should be held accountable for all of his actions. He and his staff should be questioned in the U.S. and if found guilty of leaking government information, they should be held accountable in the United States. This means Julian Assange and his staff should be imprisoned in the U.S. if found guilty.

  • The fault of Julian Assange's grievances lies with those who neglected to secure information properly.

    In the debate about Julian Assange's actions, little has been discussed about the fact that the negligence in this instance lies with the lack of proper security for sensitive information. Had the organizations from which Assange usurped information put proper security measures in place to protect information, then he could not have accessed it.

  • No way Uncle Sam

    Assange wrote about the truth of war published the papers that proved it. USA lied about the reasons for war against Afghanistan and Iraq. The Allies continue to support it. The war happening because USA has not detected any new oil reserves on American soil for decades this war is for the control of oil. Assange published the truth. War is nasty and all sides commit atrocities

  • No, Julian Assange should not be imprisoned in the U.S.

    No, I believe that Julian Assange should not be imprisoned in the U.S. or any other country. While legally what he did is against the law, it is a grey area because he didn't do it with the intention of putting the U.S. in a dangerous position, he did it because he is an activist and proponent of the movement for governmental transparency worldwide. It's also obvious that other countries feel the same way, as he has currently been granted political asylum in London at an Ecuadorian embassy.

  • No

    The United States Department of Justice launched a criminal investigation related to the leak. US prosecutors are reportedly considering charges against Assange under several laws, but any prosecution would be difficult.In relation to its ongoing investigations of WikiLeaks, on 14 December 2010, the US Department of Justice issued a subpoena ordering Twitter to release information relating to Assange's account, amongst others.Writing for Foreign Policy magazine, journalist Elizabeth Dickinson suggested that "Tunisians didn't need any more reasons to protest when they took to the streets these past weeks – food prices were rising, corruption was rampant, and unemployment was staggering. But we might also count Tunisia as the first time that WikiLeaks pushed people over the brink.

  • No, Julian Assange Has Committed No Crime

    Julian Assange is simply the world's informant, revealing information that the US and other governments hide from its people. He hasn't committed a crime against the US in any way unless embarrassing some politicians is a criminal offence. Why should Assange fall victim to the US when he is neither a citizen nor would his information-sharing be considered criminal under the protection of our first amendment if he were a citizen? There is no excuse.

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