Should Julianne Hough's "nip slip" incident overshadow her performance earlier that night?

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  • No, the "nip slip" incident should not overshadow her performance.

    No, the wardrobe malfunction should not affect how Julianne Hough's performance is perceived. The performance was wonderful and the dancers work hard to entertain the audience. Mistakes happen and, particularly when they are unintentional, should not overshadow the beauty or talent portrayed. Society has become desensitized to so much scandal, it's hard to believe this would even be an issue.

  • No. I don't believe the Nip slip should overshadow her performance.

    Julianne Hough was very unlucky when her nipple slipped out of her dress. I don't believe that should take away from her musical performance. Everyone makes mistakes and I don't think she should be judged especially when she doesn't have a history of doing this or being a wild party girl out to get attention.

  • Julianne Hough's wardrobe malfunction should not overshadow her performance, ever.

    There are numerous things that can happen on a daily basis when it comes to clothing malfunctioning. Julianne Hough did not intend for her dress to shift and her nipple to become exposed, so no one should hold it against her. She is such a talented dancer and something that was unintentional and a minor mistake should not overshadow that fact.

  • No, Julianne Hough's "nip slip" incident should not overshadow her performance

    I don't believe that Julianne Hough's unfortunate wardrobe malfunction should overshadow her performance from earlier that night. How we view and judge her performance should not be base on that, but based on her skills only. We put so much attention to this "nip slip" that we make an elephant from the fly. There's so much nudity everywhere around us that this should not be something "scandalous".

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