• Yes they are humans too

    I think that it is unfair to put people under conditions that seem so stressful and difficult. This is meant to be their job not a punishment! They need to be able to be at work and feel happy and not under pressure. Less people will want to carry on as doctors if it will be kinda crappy.

  • Yes Junior Doctors deserve better contracts

    Though their experience may be less, Junior doctors deserve better contracts to protect their rights and experience as is. If treated with unfair working conditions, the doctors might leave altogether and patients will suffer. Protecting their salary and rights, while still holding them accountable to quality job performance ensures the best care for everyone.

  • The strike is an indication that Junior Doctors will not tolerate lousy contracts

    Yes, Junior Doctors should receive better contracts. If not, they will walk off the job and people requiring important treatments will have to wait. It's happening already. Doctors should walk away from the pickets for emergency surgery if they have a sense of duty and decency. This will go a long way in being appreciated for what they do. As a result, perhaps junior doctors will get a contract that is fair and safe for the long-term.

  • Yes, more motivated junior doctors mean better performance in the workplace.

    Yes, better contracts make junior doctors more motivated. More motivated people tend to be more productive as well as conscientious, meaning that they have a much smaller chance of making mistakes. Since healthcare mistakes can have catastrophic consequences for the patients, it is in our best interest to make sure that all medical professionals including junior doctors are as motivated as possible, particularly as the average age of our population continues to rise.

  • They need more practice

    I can see why people think junior doctors are treated unfairly and don't receive as much as senior doctors tho. But doctors handle the lives of people and should be fully trained and perfect at their job in order to handle better and harder tasks. So i don't think they should receive better contracts.

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