Should junior high and high school students be randomly drug tested?

  • Drug testing will keep people from using drugs in sport in fear of getting caught

    With random drug testing people don't know when their name will be called. And if the get caught more than once they will be off the team. If the get kicked off the team after they worked so hard to get on the team it would be awful to get kicked off. And it is a lot of money for the uniforms

  • It's just safety

    I don't think there's a problem with drug testing. I think that someone would feel attacked if he was feeling guilty. This is not an offense to human rights, it's a measure of safety in schools, it's hard to see someone that doesn't know of some kind of drug business. For example, I have witnessed certain drug traffic in my school. I can't tell teachers, because I know these people. I would rather them being discovered, than being in danger for telling anyone

  • Yes, because school children make poor decisions.

    You'd have to be a parent in pretty deep denial to think that your kids won't have access to drugs these days. And not every kid can make smart choices like resisting peer pressure to try them. Random drug testing may not dissuade kids from trying drugs, but knowing that punishment is just one cup of urine away, it can make most of them think twice about casual use.

  • Testing Violates Trust

    Random testing does not prevent drug use. It only punishes those who have made a choice regading THEIR OWN BODY. It is their choice, not yours. It has been proven D.A.R.E. Does not work at all, so why would random testing work? In my mind it is analogous to Nazi Germany, where Jews had to identify themselves. Once a kid tests positive, he will undergo a stigma and punishment that is far more excessive than necessary. Some may say this is an adequate punishment so that they stay away from drugs. As studies have shown, however, hard line policies such as this do not prevent drug use, and may encourage it. Alternatives such as HONEST, FACT BASED information regarding drug use should be encouraged, rather than government propaganda designed to mislead and induce hysteria.

  • Jr. High and High School students school should not be drug tested.

    Why go through the problem with the trouble of our finance? 12 percent of students are doing drugs but what about the other 88 percent? How would you like being searched for something illegal while you're in a hurry to go somewhere else? This is a violation to our privacy.

  • Junior high and high school students should not be randomly drug tested.

    Unless there is credible evidence that students have been using drugs, there is no reason to test them. It is unfair and insulting. To suggest that students are using drugs is highly offensive to the majority of them who are innocent. In this country, you are innocent until proven guilty.

  • Jr. High & High School students should not be randomly drug tested.

    I believe that students in junior high and high school should not be subjected to random drug tests. These tests should be carried out only under warranted, and valid suspicion. These tests should occur in a mediated process, and all confidentiality measures should be ensured as well. Handling these types of situations should be approached from a more optimistic perspective.

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